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My hometown and region


- the gateway to the High Tatras

- they wanted to host the 2006 Winter Olympics but lost to Turin (Italy)

Basic facts:

-10th biggest town in Slovakia

-3rd largest town of the Spiš region

-approximately 53.000 inhabitants

- represented by the mayor elected directly for a four-year period

- Tatra electric railway to get to the nearby mountain resort

-Poprad-Tatry International Airport is the highest located international airport within Europe

-the later name for Poprad was Deutschendorf

Poprad is a town of • Geographical importance

  • Economic importance
  • Tourist importance
  • Cultural importance


- on both sides of the Poprad River

- advantageous transport location:

A, by car and by bus

B, by train - a main railway route Košice-Bratislava

C, by plane – the connection provided by the international airport Poprad - Tatry

Climate and nature:

- mild climate which is influenced by the High Tatras and the Low Tatras

- strong winds appear from December to March

- national parks in the High and the Low Tatra Mountains, Slovak Paradise and Pieniny Mountains


- dates back to the ancient times

- the 1st written mention from 1256

- the town was established by German incomers

- the town was named "Popradzaza"

- the other parts (the present urban parts): Matejovce (1251)

Spišská Sobota (1256)

Veľká (1268)

Stráže under the Tatras (1276)

- the town was self-governing, and independent on state or non-state authorities

- the town was and is multinational (the Slovak, German, Hungarian, Polish and other nationalities)

- the Tatra electric railway began to operate in the beginning of the 20th century

Mayor of Poprad

- elected for 4-year period

- responsibilities:

a, leads the Municipal Council

b, signs their decisions

c, represents the town

d, decides about all town administration matters

Poprad municipal parts


- Production of washing machines and other electrical appliances

- Important employer in the region

- Renaissance bell tower from the17th century

- The church of St. Štefan

Spišská Sobota

- Trading as main business because of advantageous location

- For centuries it was the wealthiest of five Upper Spiš towns

Square (triangle-shaped)

- houses in the Renaissance style have attracted film directors (suitable for historical scenes in movies)

- the Church of St. Juraj (George) with a Gothic altar by Master Paul of Levoča


- The least populated municipal part

- Recreation and relaxation zone

- Known for its climatic spa

- Lungs and respiration diseases are treated here

- In Zámčisko nad Kvetnicou there are ruins of Poprad castle from the 15th century


- Burgher´s habitation and church of St. John the Baptist (Ján Krstiteľ)

- In the past agriculture


- St Egidius Square

- Church of St. Egidius - gothic Catholic chrch

- Podtatranské múzeum Poprad – the exposition of the Neanderthal man (Gánovce)

- Aqua City Poprad


- The 2nd most populated municipal part of Poprad

- The Church of St. John the Evangelist (Ján Evanjelista)

Galleries in Poprad

  • Tatran Gallery (collections of works of art with the topic of the High Tatras, collections of regional art of the Sub Tatran and Spiš region, collections of 20th century eastern Slovakia arts)
  • The House of Photography (contemporary and historical photography from Slovakia and abroad)


  • Podtatranské Museum - one of the oldest museums in Slovakia
  • Museum in Spišská Sobota

Sport facilities

  • Fitness centres, Squash centres, Skittle and bowling centres, Tennis courts
  • Football stadiums, Ice-hockey stadium, Extreme sports – bungee jumping
  • Swimming pools – AQUACITY Poprad - water park
  • hockey club HK Poprad - "Chamois" (LEV Poprad played there one season)
  • women basketball club

Well-known personalities

Andrej Kiska, Daniela Hantuchová, Miroslav Lajčák, Peter Bondra


- offer various outdoor activities for all age categories

- possible activities: hiking, rock climbing, skiing, mountain cycling, horse riding, paragliding, swimming and rafting along local rivers

- safety provided by the well trained and skilled Mountain Rescue Service

- professional services: the Tatras Guides Association, Ski Schools, Travel Agencies and the Tatra Information Board

Vysoké Tatry town

- one of the largest cities in the Slovak republic

- located in the central part of the High Tatras mountain range

- consisting of the 15 original independent settlements

- Štrbské pleso is the highest settlement in the High Tatras

- with the second largest lake on the Slovak side of the High Tatras

- a starting point for many attractive excursions and trips in the mountains

- a lot of European and world skiing events are held here, including ski-jumping and cross-country events

- from Štrbské Pleso to Mengusovska dolina (valley), the chalet at Popradské pleso (tarn) and to the nearby Symbolic Cemetery

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