A Letter of Enquiry

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A Letter of Enquiry

Meno Priezvisko
Chief Buyer
Beauty world, Co
Klobučnícka 24
815 15 Bratislava

Apollo Business Center
Prievozská 2/A
821 09 Bratislava

Ref.: NO 45375

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Miriama and as a Chief Buyer I reprezent Beauty world, Co. That is a chain of stores which deals with the sale of different kinds of cosmetics. Your company was recommended to me by my friend who works for you as a dealer and I am interested in closing a trade agreement with you. Recently I have begun to look for a supplier of cosmetics for all of my stores. I would like to ask you for samples of your best products and also catalogue for current season.

Concerning of method of payment, I would like to suggest general payment for all of your deliveries to my stores on monthly principle. I prefer to set a date of payment on 14th day after delivery of invoice. As I will order a large number of products from your company, I will appreciate if you give us a discount on your products.

Therefore I will set up new stores at an early date, I would like to extend our co-operation in the future.

Your prompt reply will be greatly appreciated.
My kindest regards,

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