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For nineteen years I have been living with my parents in the family house in Prague. Those who live in the country often claim that they would never want to live in town. However, living in a town or in a village has its positive and negative aspects. First let’s talk about city life.

For the surrounding villages, a town is the center of all activity. People come here from far away to buy many necessities – not only clothes and shoes, home and garden accessories, but also food. In town, where a lot of people live, we can find many different stores offering a wide variety of goods. If we have finished shopping, we can also stop in for a cup of tee or coffee at the nearest café, candy store or restaurant. And that is one of many advantages. If we don’t like cooking or are too busy with other things, we can just pick up the phone, reserve a table and have luch or we dinner at our favorite restaurant. There is a large number of such establishments in town, offering their services not just during the day and late into the night, but even overnight.

But town is mainly the place where all kinds of cultural activities are concentrated. There are held trade fairs and festivals, performances of dance and music groups, exhibitions of well-known and novice painters, photographers and other artists. We can’t forget cinemas and theatres.
Almost every town has its own cinemas, where people go for amusement in their free time, but also to acquire new knowledge and new experiences. On the other hand not every town has a theatre. When we wish to attend a theatre performance, we usually have to travel to one of the bigger regional towns. We can’t forget, that we are available in the cities various sporting facilities – winter stadiums, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, playgrounds, gyms etc. Various sporting events are often held there. These can be athletic games, volleyball, basketball, handball, football, baseball, softball matches, as well as gymnastics and swimming competitions. At the present time the very popular hobby of horseback riding is making a comeback in our country. Even in cities horseback riding clubs have been founded, mostly attended by children and young people to learn to care for the animals as well as to ride them. For small children they hold days full of games, sport competitions and lots of active movement. During the week children can attend different interest circles and on weekends they can go out to the country with their friends.

In the country people live mostly in their own single-family houses with a garden with trees and flowers. After 1989 some families got back their properties such as fields, forests and meadows. Village people can grow healthy vegetables for their own use and maybe even for their pleasure (potatoes, carrots, onoins) as well as fruits (apples, pears, plums, cherries, apricots, etc.) and grain. Almost every person in the village keeps some poultry (hens, ducks, turkeys), rabbits, sheep, cows and pigs. A true household pig-feast is a kind of ceremony in our country. Two or three times a year relatives and friends get together, help in the work and then there follow many hours of eating and drinking. People here often make their living from farming.

Transportation is a big problem for villages. There are places where the bus passes through only two or three times a day. That’s why a lot of people walk or ride a bicycle. People also have few opportunities to take part in cultural life. A man gets used to anything, as the saying goes. And so most of us are reconciled to the place we live – wheather it’s in a city or in a village.
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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