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The post office is one of many institutions that facilitates our lives in today’s world. We can find it not only in every town, but also in almost every village. In larger cities several post offices offer their services to the citizen. The postal service means sending messages (postcards and letters).

When we have the letter written, we go to the post office. The post office usually has several floors. In most cases the package post section is located on the ground floor. This is where we can also bring our package. The postal clerk weights it and marks on it the class of postal consignment. We must pay a certain sum of money for sending the package. We get a receipt documenting that the package has been sent. In fact it’s a tear-off from the postal receipt, which we have to fill in if we want to send out a package.
On the upper floors of a post office is usually a spacious hall with a long counter divided into individual section. Each window has its sign. We can send registered letters, telegrams, and express mail from there. The clerk pastes a label on different types of packages, letters, designating and specifying the particular letter or package. If we are sending some valuable or expensive items, we must always fill in a form and have them insured.
Post offices depend on railroad stations. Train transport a huge number of packages, letters and postcards to they destinations towns. There these packages and letters are sorted and sent to the specific location. The consignment usually goes directly to the main post office where it’s sorted and distributed. Sometimes letters are sent to local post offices and delivered to the addressee from there. From the small post offices letters are delivered directly to the addressee.

We go to the post office not just to send out letters, postcards, telegrams or packages. We can also buy there various magazines, newspapers as well as stamps, picture postcards, envelopes, and note paper, often elaborately decorated. If we need to telephone somebody and don’t have a telephone at home, we can go and call from the post office. Of course we have to pay for the call. We should keep our calls from the public telephone boxes as brief as possible in order not to block other people wishing to telephone. The service of the post office are thus  very useful and important. From the post office we can also send money, which is something we can’t forget to mention. At the present time more and more new post offices are being opened. Besides that, postal banks are also coming into existence. Despite the monopoly position of the post office in our country, the rule that the customer is always right is beginning gain existence.
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