Should students wear uniforms?

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Media are showing us foreign students full of enthusiasm in uniforms who have not got problems with clothing. Are uniforms so cool or not? Life  with uniforms may not be as fun as it may appear from distance.

It is generally mantained that social differences in schools are very frequent and that is why there are some advantages in wearing uniforms. Social layers between students may be abolished. Poor children are often mortified because of no- branded clothes. What is more, rich students behave like celebrities thanks to fashionable clothes. Secondly a difficulty in choosing of clothes in the morning is reduced. Furthermore, common clothes are very rare in this case.Thirdly, uniforms make up a business atmosphere. This is ilustrated by the fact that teenagers feel like adults in suits. One very convincing argument is that students are often so focused on their wardrobe that it distracts them from learning. Uniforms can this problem annul.

There are some disadvantages in wearing uniforms. Everybody wants to be special and it relates also to case of clothes. Uniforms stifle our self- expression , we can not manifest our own personality. Not only being repressed by uniforms but also  uniforms defend us to demonstrate our style, such as punk style, hippie style, sport style, romantic style. What is more, clothes can say much about person´s style of living. Another negative aspect is absence of comfortness. Furthermore, we feel like a fish out of water.  Another disability is that it is very demanding in a way of money. In practise it means that we should have three pairs of ties, three pairs of shirts, three pairs of pants...

All thing considered, it would seems that there are  very convincing for but against too. It is my opinion, that once it could be good to try to wear uniform. All in all, uniforms reduce majority of problems chained with clothes but opponents of this mind argue with thought  that clothes make a man To sum up, I think that students in Slovakia are satisfied with current situation.
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