Children should obey their parents

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For centuries generation gap between children and parents has been more and more noticeable. Rising arguments between generations have got worse relationships for all ages. The biggest problem is among parents and children. Should children obey their parents?

To begin, giving too much freedom to teenagers cause that parents have problems to retain their respect and getting on well with their chidren is still harder and harder. On the other side, parents are very strickt and they make teenagers no- selfconfident. Being considered as a child withour being given an opportunity to express opinions will miss a chance to learn how to express opinions in the future. It is often claimed that our parents behave like proffesionals in unbringing, but it is a fact that they aren´t experts who make same mistakes as their parents made.

It could be argued that our parents deserve our respect. The greatest advantage is cleverness  and gained knowledge of our parents. Furthermore, they are older and more experienced and they know what is the best for us. Another advantage is being financially supported. This is ilustrated by the fact, that majority of us aren´t able to ilustrate the idea that we have to self make money. An additional advantage is complete service sucha s housing, eating, cleaning provided by our parents. In general, we will understand the term responsibility for own children when we are parents ourselves.

Taking everything into consideration, it is my opinion that it is hard to claim which argument is the best, because thera are still for and against  in this problem. All in all, the best course of action would be to agree on some agreement.
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