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The health is the most precious gift that people have. Only then, when a person is really sick, he finds out what great fortune is to be healthy.
Soon after birth every child is vaccinated against such sicknesses as tuberculosis, tetanus, whooping cough, polio and later smallpox. Then later in the school age, a child is under medical supervision which means that he or she  has to undergo a series of preventive medical and dental check ups where his body is examined, his teeth checked and eyesight tested.
When we grow out of our children’s diseases such as cold and measles we don’t have to go to the doctor so often. If we are not hypochondriacs we try to get over our cold easily by staying in bed, taking pills, keeping warm, sweating and drinking herbal tea with honey and lemon. But sometimes if a patient is trying to overcome a feverish sickness without staying in bed and curing it properly he takes a risk, as the sickness often leaves very dangerous aftereffects. If we still feel unwell, we finally decide to see a physician who is called a General Practitioner. The doctor diagnoses the case and therapy and prescribes a medicine. If we can’t go to the doctor’s office, we can call the doctor to our home. Sometimes we may be taken by an ambulance to hospital, where we are under the perpetual medical supervision.

Our present world is bringing new discoveries and inventions. Together with them, however, new diseases are appeared. We are talking mainly about the group of sickness that called diseases of civilization. These are, for example, allergies, migraines, asthma etc. Unfortunately, new diseases keep appearing. Some people say that diseases are the retribution for human sins. Let’s mention at least leukemia, AIDS, heart attack or notorious cancer.
Leukemia causes increasing of white blood corpuscles in number. The bone marrow is attacked. Leukemia is a very serious and dangerous disease. AIDS involves infection with HIV virus. There are more means of transmission. Some of the known ways of its transmission are through sexual intercourse, infected hypodermic needles, and from the mother to its fetus. No cure has been found for this disease yet. Despite a high level of awareness among the population and extensive publicity campaigns, new cases of infection, however, keep on appearing. We have to protect our health as if it was our most precious possession.. Health is the most important thing in the world. Let’s wish to everyone health and happiness – and maybe our wish will come true.
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