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People have different opinion to fashion. Some of them are indifferent, they don’t care what they wear, others, especially women, are very choosy and particular about what to wear and like to spend a lot of money on clothes. Some people buy ready-made clothes, others prefer to buy them at second-hand shops, some have excellent taste in dress and are always dressed perfectly, others are slovenly in dress. There are some people who want to be dressed according to the latest fashion at all costs even if it doesn’t suit them. It seems that it’s hobby for them to follow the fashion magazines and see what a few leading designers in Paris, Rome, London or New York present. Fashion includes not only clothes, but also hair style, make-up and accessories, such as shoes, handbags, gloves, belts, hats, scarfs or jewellery and glasses. Their design ca be plain or patterned (flowered, geometric, striped, checked or spotted.

There is also a variety of materials the dress can be made of traditional natural materials such as cotton, wool, silk etc. There are many differences in dressing. The major contrast is between men and women. I mean the underwear: for example the men wear briefs or gym pants. On the other side, as underwear women put on panties, bra or body shirt, slip and body robe.
How we dress also depends on our taste, on the season and the occasion. In summer we wear light summer dresses, t-shirt with short sleeves or without sleeves, shorts or Bermuda shorts and on our feet we pull on sandals, slippers or sneakers. When we go swimming we put on a swim suit (bikini, one-piece or two-piece) or trunks, sometimes a straw hat. In winter we need to wear something warm– suits, pants, jeans, woollies, cardigans, sweaters, anoraks, winter coats and jackets, sometimes even gloves and mittens, caps, hoods, hats, scarfs and boots of course.

On special occasions we like to be dressed properly too. When we go to a concert or to the theatre we prefer to be dressed up. We wear an evening dress, which consists of a dark suit, a light shirt and a tie or a bow-tie. For sports we put on sports wear, sucha s jeans, shorts, T-shirts and to the mountain a waterproof jacket or anorak and sports shoes (trainers, heavy boots or skishoes). At home we like to feel comfortable, and so we prefer leisure wear – slacks, jeans, T‑shirts and on our feet slippers. To school we wear something practical and plain. The most favorite wear of teenagers includes jeans or pants, shirts and T-shirts of different colors, sweatshirts or pullovers and trainers. For workshop or cleaning jobs we must put on an apron, overall or overalls.
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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