Occupation and Future Prospects

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Very important for this hectic life is physician. People in the medical community perform activity that’s realy beneficial. It is said that our health is the most precious thing we have. When we have troubles, pains and disease, a physician helps us. It is better to make an appointment with a doctor in his surgery time (ordinační hodiny) if we want to avoid long waiting in the waiting room, which may often be crowed. Then the nurse say: “Next please!” and invites us to the consulting room. The nurse has to look for our medical documentation and wants to see our insurance card and then takes our temperature. Then we are ready to enter the surgery (ordinaci). The doctor usually asks what the trouble is and wants to know if we have a temperature, a good appetite and where we feel pain. Then he or she listens to our lungs and heart and we have to take a deep breath or stop breathing according to his orders. He also wants us to open our mouth and say „Ah“ to see if our tonsils (mandle) are red. Sometimes he or she checks our blood pressure and feels the pulse. We have to say how we feel, if we have a headache, a sore throat, a cold, a cough or if we are sick.

If we feel bad with our teeth we have to go to the dentist. It’s better to go there regularly, but in our hurry time we don’t have so many time. It’s better to make an appointment with the dental assistant. We have to take with our insurance card. The dentist first asks us if we have trouble with some tooth and then he looks into our mouth with small mirror. We are sitting in the dentist’s chair, next to us is a trail with drill, mirrors, Water Pik, cotton balls and some other dentist’s properties. When he finds some problem he takes the drill and starts to drill. I hate dentists for their hobby to make another pain. Then they clean the hole and put inside the filling.

A driver or a pilot takes us to our destination by bus, airplane and ship. When you want to transport by bus, you have to go to the bus station and wait for the bus coming. After that the driver opens the door and when you have some huge luggage, he have to open the luggage compartment in the lower part of the bus. You usually buy a ticket in the bus from the driver, but in bigger cities if you travel by public transport you can buy tickets in the post-stands and marks it in the bus. Transporting by public buses may sometimes be a little uncomfortable. Buses for transporting long distance usually have better seats, dark glass against the sun, air-conditioning, television and radio and often with toilet as well. Some buses even offer transporters food and drink.

At the railway station you can buy single or a return ticket from the wife or men sitting behind the counter. From this hall you can go directly to the right platform through the underpassage. From the platform we get on the train and look for a free seat in the (non) smoking compartment. If all the seats are occupied we must move into another carriage and try again there. When we are seated and the train starts, we can spend the time with observe the landscape out of the window, eat some food, play cards with a friend or sleep. When the conductor comes we have to show him a ticket we bought at the railway station.
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