O. Wilde - The Canterville Ghost

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Oscar Wilde was born in 1854 England, died and buried was in 1900 in Paris, France. He was an excellent poet and a dramatist of a rare wit, whose saying were more often quoted than those of politicians and scholars. He was also an outstanding representative of the Aesthetic Movement in England proclaiming „Art for Art’s Sake“. At the and of his life he spent two years in prison after having been founded guilty of homosexual practices.

Oscar Wilde was the second child of Sir William Wilde and Lady Jane Wilde. His father was a distinguished ear and eye surgeon who also wrote books and incidentally, he was a great seducer of women. Wilde’s mother was a well-known writer. He himself was a brilliant student. Oscar Wilde studied in Dublin and then in Oxford.

In 1884 Wilde got married with Constance Lloyd from a family of prominent Dublin lawyers. They had two sons and lived quite happily until Oscar met Lord Alfred Douglas in 1891. Alfred was a young handsome gentleman and the two men became close friends. However, Alfred’s father accused Wilde of being a sodomite. Wilde was arrested and in 1895 sentenced to two years imprisonment with hard labour.

On his release he was a broken man. He left for Paris where he soon died of alcohol-poisoning, drugs and meningitis. He lost his ability to write wittily and fluently. His only work from that time was a poem protesting against inhumanity of the justice systém – The Ballad of Reading Goal.

Oscar Wilde was a writer who set out to be controversial. He deliberately chose flamboyant style of dress, including velvet knee-britches, silk stockings and a flowing bow-tie; in order to set himself apart from the dark suits of his late Victorian contemporaries. One of his most popular works is The Importance of Being Ernest, a classical comedy of English social manners. It‘s a light-hearted play that is carried along by the brilliance of its wit rather than by an intricate plot.

Oscar Wilde wrote only one novel, the psychological study called The Picture of Dorian Gray, analyses the influence od passion and sorrow on humen character. The hero Dorian is a natural and pleasant boy whose beauty is simply fascinating. Basil Hallward, a painter and moral idealist, is so charmed by Dorian’s personality that he decides to paint his portrait. The picture is real succes but Dorian standing in front of it became unhappy and jalous of it. He remembers the words of his rich friend, the amoral cynic Lord Henry Wotton, that he will lose his youth and beauty while the picture will keep them.
Henry’s bad influence over Dorian’s character is slow but continual. His friendship becomes fatal to Dorian. The wonderful boy becomes a cruel a cynical man. But it‘s a portrait that reflects his growing perversity, while he himself does not. A years pass the portrait seems to represent the only evidence of his crimes and Dorian decides to destroy it. But in stabbing the picture with a knife, he kills himself. When his servants enter the room, they find the portrait of their master splendid, but again an ugly, wrinkled man lying on the floor.
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