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Hobbies are things that we do in our own spare time. For anybody it can be dancing, swimming, gardening, fishing or knitting. Most of us, unfortunately, don’t have a lot of free time. Due to work, studying and taking care of the family we’ve got no time left for hobbies. Everybody likes to do an activity that makes him feel good, makes him forget his everyday cares and gives him fresh energy for his other work.

Some hobbies
are more attract for women, others are more attract for men. Most women and young girls like to sew. We can sew by hand or on a sewing machine. That way we’re able to sew anything we like. Needlework includes also crocheting, embroidering and knitting. Not every woman is able to knit a sweater or crochet a tablecloth. Men like to do things in their home workshops. Taking care of their car is a frequent source of pleasure for them. Men also like to repair radios, faulty alarm clocks or lights that don’t work. Gardening is one of the most frequented hobbies. Taking care of trees, flowers and vegetables needs a lot of work, but is also a form of rest and relaxation.

Sports are one of the most popular leisure activities. It is true that sports help us to keep our bodies in good physical condition. Sport is good for our figure, because doing sports helps us lose a few of our excess kilos. During sports events one can meet a lot of new people. All doctors recommend exercising as prevention of various sicknesses. One of the best sports for our body is swimming, because we exercised all our muscles.

The games are usually all-season activities, and they are practiced both indoors and outdoors. The most numerous group of games are the ball games. One of the most popular games is football (in England it is called soccer). In this match there are eleven players move around a field. One man on each side has to catch the ball – he’s called goalkeeper. Other players are the backs, forwards and the so-called reserve. The whole match, as in the case of other sports, is watched over by a referee with whistle.

Next very popular game played with ball is volleyball. It consists of two teams each with six players. It is played on a field or a beach and you need a ball and a net. The object of the game isn’t to let the ball touch the ground on you side, but to try to make the ball hit the ground on your opponent’s side. The winner of the game is the team which had the ball touch the ground the least sum of times that the opponent’s.

There are many beautiful places in our country that we can visit. As hikers we can go out for the mountains, the forests, or just walk around meadows. Walking in nature brings people relaxation and allows them to learn a lot of new things. It’s important to dress correctly. One never knows what the weather is going to be like.

I don’t forget to mention the Olympic games, which were already held in ancient Greece. The Olympics were renewed by Pierre Coubertin about a hundred years ago and today as well as in ancient times they take place every four years. Since 1924 there are two parts to the games – the winter part and the summer part – which alternate once every two years.
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