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Slovakia is an inland country in Central Europe. Its area is about 49 000 square km. Its population is about 5 millions inhabitants. Slovakia is bordered by Hungary, Poland, Austria, the Ukraine and the Czech Republic. It has continental climate with cold winters and warm summers. The coldest month is January, the warmest is July.

Industry: Slovakia is industrial country.

Important Slovak engineering centres are Bratislava, Košice, Martin, Dubnica nad Váhom etc. Chemical industry is situated in Bratislava (Slovnaft – refinery), Šaľa, Humenné, Strážské.

The biggest iron work is in Košice ( US Steel ).

Shoe factories are in Bardejov and Partizánske.

Textile indrustry is situated in Ružomberok, Púchov and Trenčín.

Slovak glassware is well-known in the world and it has long tradition. It is produced in Bardejov and Poltár.

Centers of food processing are Bratislava, Sereď, Trebišov, Nitra and Košice. Chocolate and sweets are produced in Bratislava and Trebišov. Sugar in Sereď, Trebišov and Trnava. Beer in Hurbanovo etc.

Agriculture is highly developed there. It is grown mainly in southern parts of Slovakia. Potatoes are grown in colder parts of the country. The well-known potatoe area is Spiš. Slovakia is rich in mineral waters and there are some well-known spas there. Piešťany is the world famous spa where rheumatism is cured.

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. The Slavs settled the city in the 8th century. In 1467 the first university of the Hungarian territory was founded in BA – Academia Istropolitana. Many Hungarian kings were crowned in BA in St. Martin´s Cathedral. BA is the seat of Slovak Government, Parliament and the residence of Slovak President. It is the center of Slovak culture. National Gallery and Slovak National Theatre are situated there. There are many interesting sights: Michael´s Gate, the Bratislava Castle, the Old Town Hall, Devín Castle.

Central Slovakia is rich in old towns too. Kremnica and Banská Štiavnica were medieval mining towns. They were rich of gold and silver. The Kremnica Mint has been in its present location since the 15th century. Banská Bystrica is the town in which, on 29 August 1944, the Free Slovak Radio proclaimed the Slovak National Uprising. Martin became the centre of Slovak cultural and political life in the 19th century. The Orava Castle, the ruins of Strečno Castle and the Demänová Cave are other well-known tourist attractions of Central Slovakia.

Eastern Slovakia has the largest castle in Slovakia – Spiš and several well-preserved old towns. Former free royal town – Levoča has some great sights such as St. James´Church with its famous altar of Majster Pavol of Levoča, the Town Hall and the Evangelical grammar school where several. The main tourist attraction of another former royal town – Bardejov – is the historic main square with its late Gothic town houses. Prešov is another of important historical towns in Eastern Slovakia.

Eastern Slovakia is rich in natural attractions such as Dobšiná Ice Cave, Ochtina Cave, Jasov Cave, Herľany Geyser etc. Beautiful plains, canyons, waterfalls are in the Slovak Paradise. There are some spas with its curative mineral waters such as Bardejov, Vyšné Ružbachy, Štós etc.

The High Tatras - the only high-mountain range in Slovakia – is situated in northern part of Slovakia. The highest peak in the range – Gerlachovský štít, at 2655 metres, lies at its centre. The mountain lakes – „plesá“ – can be found in almost every valley (Tatranské pleso, Veľké Hincovo pleso, Skalnaté pleso). The High Tatras make up the Tatra National Park. It is home to deer, foxes, wild cats, lynx, bears, wolves. The tourist centres in the Tatras like Štrbské Pleso, Smokovec, Tatranská Lomnica, provide a rich choice of winter sports.

Košice – the second largest city of Slovakia – lies in the valley of the river Hornád. The year 1647 saw the estabilishment of the university. The town´s historic core includes the St. Elizabeth Cathedral – the most significant Gothic buildings in Slovakia, Urban´s Tower, the secessionist building of the theatre, the Mikluš Prison. There are plenty of stylish shops and restaurants, and some hotels.

Košice is also a city with a rich cultural life. Among the many cultural organisations and institutions based here are the Košice State Theatre, the Hungarian Regional Theratre, a puppet theatre and the State Philharmonic Orchestra. It is the seat of the Constitutional Court, Technical University, Šafarik´s University, a veterinary school, numerous secondary schools and a conservatory. Košice has some galleries and museums such as Július Jakoby Gallery, Eastern Slovakia Gallery, Eastern Slovakia Museum, Slovak Museum of Technology and some others.

Industry is mostly represented by the US Steel , the largest metallurgical concern in Slovakia. Other important plants are in the areas of engineering, mining, energy, building and foodstuff (Vamex bakery).

There are some leisure areas as Bankov, Alpinka, Kavečany ZOO, Tower of view, Jahodná and Čermeľ, where people can do some sports. Inhabitans of Košice like sports and games. Košice has its own football, ice-hockey (USS Arena), basketball, handball, volleyball, water polo teams.

Famous Slovak people: musician → Pavol Habera, Marika Gombitová, Robo Kazík, Zdenka

Predná, Peter Cmorík, Tina...

sportsman → Marián Hossa, Marián Gáborík, Peter Bondra, Ladislav

Nagy, Martina Moravcová...

politician → Vladimír Mečiar, Mikuláš Dzurinda, Ján Slota, Róbert Fico

(prime minister), Ivan Gašparovič (president)...

Typical Slovak meal: noodles with sheep cheese → bryndzové halušky

╘> potatoes, flour, garlic, salt, egg


It consists of 3 stripes – white, blue, red. And on the left side there is Slovak National Symbol – white double cross in red field and there blue hills – Tatra, Matra, Fatra.

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