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I'll tell you about Postal Services in Britain and in the USA. So now about Postal Services in Britain. Letter boxes are in the shape of red pillars. In major towns each pillar-box has information on where the nearest post office can be found. The postal vans are red to.

Postage stamps cannot be bought at the tobacconist's. They can be either obtained from slot machines, which have three denominations, or bought separately or in the form of the books of stamps at the postal office.
The main post office in a area is called the General Post Office or the G. P. O., for a short.

Passport or money, generously the valuables, are sent in registered letters, not any important message as in Czech Republic.British stamps do not have the word "Britain" on them. On English stamps, there is a small portrait of Queen or the King, usually in the corner of the stamp.

The postman does not deliver money to the house. He brings the addressee a postal order or a money order in an envelope and the addressee goes to the post office to exchange the order for cash. The postman brings also family allowances.

The Post Office Tower in London is the tallest building in Britain. there is a revolving restaurant at the top. The Post Office places advertisements encouraging people to write more letters. An example of such an advertisement: "Someone somewhere is expecting a letter from you".
The other service is for example the emergency dialling service, with the phone number 999. There is connect the police, ambulance or fire department.

So now about services in the USA. The mailbox are placed on street corners and have blue colour. The openings are large enough for book parcels.
The zip code is group of five numbers, whereas in Britain the postcode is a group of letters and numbers. The other postal services are similar than in Britain.

From the phone box in the street you can make long-distance calls. You put the money according to the operator's instructions
You can find the phone number in the phone book. In USA is a special volume called the Yellow pages in all major cities. Here you can find addresses and phone numbers of all repairmen and special services. In USA is also a emergency dialling service, which number is 911. There is as Britain connected police, ambulance service and fire department.
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