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I haven't only one favourite writer, so, I'll tell you about some of my favourite books. So, I am going to tell you about one of sister Brontë, about Charlotte. She had fife relatives, one brother and four sister. Two of them were writer too. She was the daughter of pastor, and her mother died when she was small. Her first novel was Processor, but this novel didn't have success. Success had her second novel names Jane Eyre. She wrote too Shirley and Villlette. Her last work was Emma, but she died sooner finished writing. This was in the year 1855.

Jane is an orphan and live by her aunt. The family of her aunt is rich and has two children. The aunt hated Jane, and one day send she to boarding school. The live in this school is hard, few meal, and bad accommodation. She start to be a very good student, and when she graduate this school she started to teach there. One day she decide to leave the school and became to be a tutor by family of mister Rotchester. His wife is dead and he has two children. After some time the falling in love and the want to marry together. During the wedding ceremony one man says, that Rotchester's first wife still live. This is true, but she is madwoman and next night she put fire under a house. Jane leave and a few days she live like a beggar-women. She stay in a family of pastor and she teach in the school. After some time Mr. Rotchester find her and they live together.

I'll tell you something about prose-writer William Styron. He publish in the year 1979 a novel Sophie's Choice. This novel has three main characters. They are Sophia Zawistowska, a polish immigrant, her lover Nathan Weistein and a writer Stingo. A plot come about a summer and a autumn of the year 1947. There is also a retrospective to the year 1943 and also to the more distant past. The writer Stingo met the polish immigrant Sophia and her lover in the summer of the year 1947. Her lover Nathan Weinstein is a narcomaniac and a schizophrenic. The relations ship of the Sophia and Nathan is pathologic. Stigo is attracted to Sophia. Sophia remember to her live in concentration camp Osvětim, and also on her live before her arrest. In this time she shell poll where she take part on antifascist fight. This is her first choice. After her arrest she shell poll among her children, who come to gas, and who stay with she. This is her second choice. The esesman names Jemanden von Niemandem, this is a symbol, in English this names means Anybody from Nowhere. In the concentration camp she work like a secretary of a commander of the concentration camp, names Rudolf Höss. Sophia is desperate, she feel guilty, at the end she commit a suicide. This is her third choice. This is an antiracist and humanistic novel.

When I attended primary school, the compulsory book for reading was the book by Daniel Defoe The Life and Strange Stories of Robinson Crusoe. In Czech the name "Robinson" means a person living alone on an island. This word come from the name of main character of this book. Crusoe is wrecked off an uninhabited island. With the help of a few stores and utensils saved from the wreck and great cleverness and skill he builds himself a house, which is particularly in the cave, domesticates some animals, and makes a boat. After eighteen lonely years he finds a human footprints in the sand. He finds out that island is visited from time to time by cannibal savages. Later he rescues one of their victims and names him Friday. The native proves an honest and faithful servant and the two of the are eventually rescued by an English ship in the twenty-eight year of Crusoe's residence on the island.
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