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There are two main parts of jobs - the manual jobs and the brain jobs. This difference is also in education and in the salary. The salary usually depends on personal education and on the work experiences.

Now I'll talking about the manual job.
This type of jobs means that you in main part of your working hours do the manual work. The education is shorter that the preparing to the brain jobs. In the secondary school, by us you are on the secondary school from 15 years at least two years, this is only for the simplest jobs like a mason. The longer education can last three years for the cookers, for electrician, mechanic, miner or fisherman, there are also brunches, where you must have a graduation exam and than you must study four years, this jobs are, I think, watchmaker, shop assistant, decorator.

There are also jobs where you need any education - a farmer and the house wife. There is also one special jobs, where you need some education, but can have this education in few weeks, I think, I don't it exactly, I think the driver, it is true, that you must be very good driver, when you want work like a driver, you can drive a taxi, a van, a lorry and a truck. You can be employ by a state company, and than you have usually smaller salary, because the state is a little bit poor. In the other hand you can be employed by a private firm, than you sometimes have a bigger salary, than in the same job in the state company, but you can have longer working hours, your boos can do the failure or other bad things. You can be also your own boss, but there is also many advantages and many disadvantages. The advantages are that you are your own boss, nobody tell you what you should to do, you can do what you like, but in the other hand you must work for long hours, sometime you haven't weekends, must work in the evening, you have many worries with bank loans, with taxes and with many other things.

Now about brain jobs. In this case you must have always at least the graduations exams. Only graduations exams you need when you want work as a receptionist, in this brunch you must good know foreign languages, secretary, accoutre and nurse. The further education you need when you want the better and more interesting job. In this case you must study at least four or five years, and when you want to be a doctor, you must study at least six years, and many other for postgradual education. You can divide brain job in four parts- in to economic sphere, the humanistic sphere, I think historian, languages teachers or theoretic, philosophic and many other, the second sphere is technique sphere, in this part are, by my mind, architects, machines engineers, electrotechicques engineers and also many others, the third parts is the economic sphere where works managers and economists, and the last part is the natural science brunches, biologics, chemicals, doctors of medicines, vet, mathematics, physicals and others. The special kind of jobs are the arts jobs, I think actors, dancers, painters, sculptures and many others.
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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