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In a modern society practically everybody below retirement age has a job of some kind. Women who are not employed because they want to take care of small children at home must be regarded as working people too.
Most of working people working during the whole working week. For Czechs this has been 42 ½ hours since free Saturdays were introduced in the 1960s, but many people, particularly in manual occupations, work sometimes overtime or moonlight to earn some extra money. There are two main sorts of jobs - the manual jobs and the brain jobs. This difference is also in education and in the salary. The salary usually depends on personal education and on the work experience.

Now I'll talk about the manual job. This type of job means that you in main part of your working hours do the manual work. The education is shorter than the preparing to the brain jobs. Secondary school lasts at least two years; this is only for the simplest jobs like a mason. The longer education can last three years for the cookers, electrician, mechanic, miner or fisherman, there are also jobs where somebody must have a graduation exam and than you must study four years - watchmaker, shop assistant or decorator. There are also jobs where somebody needs no education - a farmer, the housewife or driver, which can have education in few weeks.

Manual workers usually start work early in the morning or often work on a shift systém. Someone can be employed by a state company, and than he have usually smaller salary, because the state is a little bit poor. In the other hand he can be employed by a private firm, than he sometimes has a bigger salary, than in the same job in the state company, but he can have longer working hours. Somebody can be also his own boss, but there are also many advantages and disadvantages. Nobody tells him what to do, he can do what he likes, but in the other hand he must work for long hours, sometimes hasn't weekends, he must work in the evening, he has many worries with bank loans, with taxes and many other things.

Now I´ll talk about brain jobs. In this case someone must have always at least the graduations exams. Only graduations exams he needs when he wants work as a secretary, accoutre, nurse and receptionist, in this work he musts good know foreign languages. The further education somebody needs when he wants the better and more interesting job. In this case he must study at least four or five years, and when he wants to be a doctor, he musts study at least six years, and many other for postgradual education. We can divide brain jobs in four parts - into humanistic spere – teachers, historians, philosophers and many others. The second sphere is technique sphere, in this part are by my mind architects, machine engineers, electrotechical engineers etc., the third parts is the economic sphere where works managers and economists, and the last part is the natural science occupations - biologics, chemicals, doctors of medicines, vet, mathematics, physicals and others. The special kinds of jobs are the freelance artists - actors, dancers, painters, sculptures and many others.

What would I like to do in the future? I think it´s very difficult question. Now I can´t think about my future, because at first I must pass the graduation exam and than succesfully pass an entrance examination on the university. But I evidently have some plans. My father says, that I could be good lawyer, but I don´t think so. I want to be a journalist, because I like writing and I think I´m good at it, or economist. These are very interesting and also good payed jobs and in present community it´s very important matter.
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