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People may have many different types of hobbies during their lifetimes. When we are very young most of our time is spent playing with dolls or toy trucks. We also may enjoy playing in a sandbox or building with wooden blocks. When we get older we start to pursue our first hobbies. Some kids go out for a sport like football or figure skating. These new interests can be quite time-consuming and most children put a lot of energy into them. Some other children might get interested in less active activities like reading, painting, or stamp collecting. Others might enjoy playing an instrument like the piano or the flute.

As we get older, our hobbies might change or they might not. Some people who collected stamps as a child might still be collecting stamps when they are 80. Other people might change their interests every year depending on fashion. Some people are lucky that they have found professions that are similar to their hobbies, like the weekend gardener who works as a landscaper or the kid who loves computers and becomes a programmer.

Many people like to do something creative such as painting or drawing, making pottery, playing musical instruments, dress making, model-making, knitting, sewing, cooking or doing crossword puzzles.

Television and videos provide easy indoor entertainment, and watching TV is by far the most popular leisure activity. People also play computer games or use the Internet. Other home-based activities include reading and listening to music.

Some people have a sport as their hobby. The most popular sports people play is football, ice-hockey, basketball, handball, softball and tennis. Some people play informally with friends, others join a local team. Many people go regularly to a sports centre which provides facilities for keep-lift classes and indoor sports such as squash or badminton. Nowadays lots of students go to fitness clubs to keep fit. On the other hand, a lot of people who are interested in sport prefer to watch others play at a stadium or on television.

Going out can be anther form of relaxation, tough rather expensive. You can go to the cinema, to see a concert, or to see a theatre performance. Art lovers often visit exhibitions in art galleries and museums. Some people like to spend their time-off with their friends. They have a picnic in the park or go out for a drink or go dancing, eat out. Many families, especially living in big towns and cities, like to go away for the weekend. They go to the countryside for short trips or they spend weekends at their cottages – doing gardening, growing fruit and vegetables, flowers, cutting grass, doing home improvements.

Different people have a different hobbies and interests; they spend their space time in different ways. Leisure time activities also very according to the season of year. The range of hobbies is reflected in the number of specialist magazines available.

My hobbies are changed with my age. When I was a little boy, I often played with toys – cars, Lego, train set. After that, I discover sport. And I fell in love with sport. I spent a plenty of time behind my house, where I played various ball games with my brothers and friends; sport is for me kind of relaxation. But sport is not only way of pleasure, is good for our health. Is it very sad, that many boys and girls have problems with health, because they don’t engage in sport. I prefer first summer’s sports (cycling, football, swimming), because a do not like winter. In neighbourhood of my village I have several good cycling routes, so I look forward summer, I oil and repair my bike and make a bike trips outskirts Prague. In winter I am typical Czech person. I only sit in my room and watching TV programs.

I played some computer games or work on internet. Sometimes I read some interesting book. But most popular activity in my free time is sleeping. When I have a few free moments, I quickly run to my bed. It is famous bodily process in Czech Republic. It is also reason, why are Czech people so fat. I would like to visit cinema frequently then present days, but I have not time and partner for it. I may not forget to music. Music is my devoted friend in free time. I prefer dance music. I usually listen to songs of my popular singers or groups as Falco, Scooter, Sylver, or Lasgo. Sometimes I also listen to classic music like Ludwig van Beethoven or film soundtracks. And it is everything about my free time activities.
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