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I think that many people like travelling and I belong to them. But there is one more group of people, who hate travelling and things connecting with it such as packing, booking a ticket and waiting of platform or airport. But travelling has many advantages. We can find out a plenty of beautiful places and meet many people or friends and we obtain experiences for our life.

There are many different ways people can spend their holidays. A lot depends on what season they take their holiday and how much money they have to spend. Winter holidays are usually spent skiing or snowboarding somewhere in the mountains. However, people can also escape from the cold weather and spend their winter holiday in a warmer climate.

Summer holidays offer a lot of choices. People can choose to stay home, take a holiday close to home, or go abroad for their holidays. Many people who have their own houses like to stay at home during their holidays. They enjoy working in the garden or making repairs to their house. Other people like to go to their summer cottages to enjoy their holidays. They might go swimming at a nearby lake or just spend the time working in their garden. Our holiday can be educational and cultural if we could, we would put for some language courses. We can also have working holiday. We will make some money and than we can travel abroad, because if you want to travel, you need some money. Our holiday can be also romantic, exotic or dangerous.

People, who live in large towns often like to get away, enjoy the peace and quiet of the country. Some people just like to put their feet up and occasionally go for a walk, while others enjoy hiking across the hills and valleys. And the countryside is a great place to have a picnic.

When going abroad we must get necessary documents. First of all have a valid passport and often visa. Besides, we must change money to hard currency in a bank or at an exchange office. When going by train we must buy tickets and when we fly, we must get flight tickets and find out our flight number and departure time. Of course, there is always the option, if you have a car, you can go by your own car. We should know foreign languages, because it’s important for making ourselves understood. English or German can be used almost all around the world.

Many people spend their holiday in seaside resorts,
where they can spend most of their time on the beach. Some people enjoy swimming, others love sunbathing. If someone like sunbathing, he should use suntan lotion to protect his skin. If he doesn’t have any protection, he may get sunburn, which is painful and can be dangerous. And if someone wants total protection, he should use sun block or sit under a beach umbrella. Swimming can be also dangerous if there are rocks under the water or if the sea is rough with big waves.

There are some people who enjoy some light physical activity or sports.
They might enjoy swimming, fishing or hiking in the woods. Others go on holiday for thrills. They want extreme physical activity like water skiing, mountain climbing or rafting. They might also enjoy going on a safari or on an expedition to an uninhabited area.

If you may do a lot of sightseeing, you will probably go to a museum or art gallery and see or visit some things as temple, castle, cathedral, market, fountain, statue and palace. Many people go on sightseeing tour of a town, usually by bus. They can also go on a tour to the castle, cathedral and the art gallery. When you are sightseeing, it helps to buy a guidebook and a map of the town you are in. If you didn’t buy it, you can get lost. People on sightseeing holiday usually look round the shops where they spend money, they can take photographs, buy souvenirs, go out most evenings to different restaurants or discos.

Travelling has some disadvantages
– it may be dangerous. We can meet bad people, we can get lost or our money may be stolen. And sometimes travelling is very expensive, especially by plane.
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