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Staying in a hotel, on a campsite


Hotel is a very useful thing. Many people have to travel from home for a long time and they have to stay over night. A lot of people travel for business trips, some people travel to visit friends, it could be used when people have argument at home, if you are on holiday. Permanent staying at the hotel is very expensive. Newlyweds usually stay at a hotel for their honeymoon. It’s a great business today in the world of travelling and business. There are big companies, which have a lot of hotels all over the world.

Kinds of accommodation

hotel - 2 stars, 3 stars, 4 stars, 5 stars hotel – the rule – more stars = better hotel

bed and breakfast – usually for one night, less comfortable, breakfast is included, usually not bad furnished but nothing extra

motel - less comfortable, own breakfast, close to motorways, sometimes you can park next to your room, usually equipped with a wardrobe and a telephone

INN - very old type of hotel, cheaper, old fashioned, it has long tradition

hostel – the cheapest type of acc. in GB, not very well furnished, for not very rich people, not comfortable, a lot of beds together, up-bunker beds, no privacy, you have to do your own bedding, you have to clean when you are leaving...

pension – cheaper, could be well or bad furnished, less comfortable, not very big

apartment – usually part of big hotel, more bedrooms together, one kitchen and toilet together

bungalow – cheaper, own kitchen, toilette, for more people together

tent – the cheapest, for hiking (trampovat), in nature, kind of adventure, not very comfortable but nice experience

Description of a hotel

see the next paper, please

Advantages, disadvantages

Hotel – very expensive, only for rich people, you are supposed to give tips, it’s not polite if you don’t give a tip, everything is done for you, everybody is ready to help you, you are served, you have breakfast, lunch and dinner, in good hotel: very good furniture and equipment – TV, radio, a lot of wardrobes, comfortable bed, self service mini bar, telephone, air condition, bathroom, toilet, towels, soaps, they clean it every day, you don’t have to do anything, there can be swimming pool, tennis or squash courts, sauna, fitness...

Camping – you sleep in a tent, it can be exiting, thrilling, nice experience, you are it the middle of nature, you can go to the wood if you want, clear air, you can make a fire, it’s more familiar / it can join people together, sometimes problems with mosquitoes, air condition would be very helpful in a tent, very cheep, you don’t have to give tips, you also don’t have to clean because there it always mess there, you can go to the toilet where you want...

Typical English breakfast

  • English = eggs, bacon, beans
  • continental = salami, cheese, jam, honey, sausages, spreads...
  • vegetarian = salads, cheese, no salami, no meat

You can reserve rooms by the phone, through internet or by post for instance.

Check in : ask whether they have vacant rooms

say how long would you like to stay

ask for a prize, what is included

if they serve the breakfast for example

if you decide to stay, they probably give you a key

book a room beforehand zamluvit pokoj pøedem

have a room reserved mít pokoj zamluven

make a room reservation at rezervovat si pokoj v

have you a room vacant máte volný pokoj

we are full up at present máme teï plno

take a reservation in the name pøijmout objednávku na jméno

arrange the stay at zaøídit si pobyt v

announce the arrival ohlásit pøíjezd

take a room najmout si pokoj

put up at hotel ubytovat se v hotelu

residential hotel hotel s možností delšího pobytu

accommodation ubytování

single room jednolùžkový pokoj

double room dvooulùžkový pokoj

extra bed pøistýlka

suite apartmá

front room pokoj do ulice

room with view pokoj s výhledem

with a private bathroom s vlastní koupelnou

air-condition klimatizace

will this room suit you bude vám ten pokooj vyhovovat

register pøihlásit se k pobytu

fill in vyplnit

show identity card ukázat obèanku

approximate length of the stay pøibližná doba pobytu

permanent residence trvalé bydlištì

full board plná penze

half board polopenze

manager øeditel

staff personál

receptionist recepèní

porter portýr

doorman vrátný

chamber-maid pokojská

cleaning ladies uklízeèky

bell boy

lift boy

tip spropitné

hotel rate hotelová sazba

settle the account vyrovnat úèet

it is included je to zapoèteno

sleep under the canvas spát pod stanem

pitch a tent postavit stan 

select a site vybrat místo

sleeping bag spací pytel

live close to nature žít blízko k pøírodì

life in the open air život v pøírodì

put up with the inconveniences smíøit se s obtížemi

enjoy the country air mít rád krajinu

holiday area rekreaèní oblast

resort støedisko

go abroad jet do ciziny

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