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Mass Media 

Communication is a process of sending and receiving (přijímání) information.


  • the press (tisk) - newspapers, magazines
  • radio
  • television
  • internet
  • mobile phone


  • is the most popular medium
  • you can travel across the whole world just sitting at your desk
  • you can just browse (brouzdat) the web, send and receive e-mail, read newspaper, do your shooping, book your journey (cesta), chat, search for (hledat) any information, use e-banking or download music, films or various programmes

Radio broadcasting (vysílání)

  • radio may broadcasr (vysílat) 24 hours a day
  • many people are busy to watch TV during day but they can turn on (pustit) their radios when working, cooking, even in the night


  • magazines provide (poskytují) entertainment or information
  • women prefer clothes and men are interested in technical devices (technické zboží)
  • magazines are published a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly basis and this is main (hlavní) reason why they can´t supply (nemohou přinášet) fresh daily news


  • nowadays, TV has a very important place in our lives, it brings (přináší) us peace (klid), entertainment, education
  • the Czech Republic has two service stations (veřejnoprávní) and two commercial (komerční) stations
  • television may have different viewers
  • every day, fairy tales (pohádky) or cartoons (kreslené filmy) for children are on
  • teenagers are offered (jsou určeny) adventurous (dobrodružné) movies, sports fans can watch live broadcast of sport matches; everyone will choose something that suits him/her
  • soap operas (mýdlové opery) are never ending serials on the radio or TV that show everyday life of a family or a group of people; they are very dramatic and emotional

Daily press

  • daily press has an important role to play, informing its readers about the latest news in political, cultural and economic life
  • there are interviews with famous personalities (významné osobnosti)
  • papers are dailies or weeklies
  • tabloids (bulvár) are smaller in size, they have shorter texts with many coloures pictures and there are large headlines (titulky) that tell the whole story (celý příběh), they are not very serious, there are just gossips (pomluvy) and sensational news
  • the most frequent quality papers (nejčastější noviny) in Britain are The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Independent
  • the tabloids with the biggest circulation (náklad) are The Daily Mirror, The Sun or The People
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