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Travelling is the method how to get from one place to another place.

People travel:

  1. To relax – to the sea, mountains
  2. To learn languages
  3. To do business
  4. To learn about other cultures, meet people of different nationalities
  5. To do sport
  6. To go sightseeing – to capital cities
  7. To learn about history
  8. To do some shopping
  9. To visit spas
  10. To get to work or school - commuting

How do people travel? - Means of transport

People and goods can by transported by land, by air or by water. You can use your own means of transport and the other is to rely on the public transport.

We can travel:

by car - travelling by car means independence, modern cars has soft seats and a lot of space for the legs, so they are quite comfortable. If you want to drive a car you must have a driving license. Drivers must be careful, because there are many accidents and in big cities they can get into traffic jams.

by bus - it is quite fast and cheap, but buses can be crowded, dirty and uncomfortable
by train – it is also fast, cheap and more comfortable than by bus - sleeping and dining cars, toilettes
by plane – it is very good for long distances, comfortable, but expensive. At the airport we go through the passport control and security check. Our luggage is checked and then we wait until the plane is ready for take-off.

by bike – it is cheap, healthy, good for environment, but it’s slow and can be dangerous
on foot - the cheapest kinds of travelling, healthy, keeps you fit, improves your condition, but only for short distances
on boat/ship – is relatively cheap but quite slow. That is why it is used especially for transporting goods. People may become seasick.

hitchhiking – very cheap, could be fast or slow, but dangerous
double-decker – in London
commuting: bus, trolleybus, tram, underground, car

If you want to go on holiday you have got two possibilities - you can go with travel agency or you can go alone - arrange your own holiday.
With travel agency - package holiday – everything is done for you, you need only money, because the travel agency cares about everything - accommodation, booking, ticket for plane or other kinds of transport.
Own holiday - you have to care about everything only alone, but you can do everything what you want, you are independent.
Necessary documents and things you may need are valid passport, visa, currency, insurance, phone number of the embassy

Kinds of accommodation

hotel – provides luxurious accommodation, many services and facilities as swimming pools, bars, restaurants, wellness centre, gym
bed and breakfast – usually for tourists providing accommodation for some nights, breakfast is included
motel – situated near the motorways, parking next to your room
hostel – a cheap type of accommodation, there are shared bedrooms with a lot of beds-bunk beds, less privacy
pension – is usually cheaper and smaller than the hotel, comfortable, provide catering
camping – you can sleep in a tent, a caravan, or a mobile home, it is the cheapest kind of accommodation, adventurous, but not very comfortable

Railway stations are large buildings with ticket offices where one can buy a single or a return ticket and a seat reservation, the departures and arrivals board, a left luggage office or lockers, telephones, waiting hall, a restaurant, a drink machine, a book-stall, a lavatory and toilettes. In big railway stations there are underpasses leading directly onto the platform, so you can get on a train safely. Train has a first class, which is more expensive and a more comfortable and a second class, which is less comfortable but cheaper. If you are a non-smoker it is better to look for a free seat in a non-smoker compartment.

In big cities there is a very favorite way kind of public transport – underground. It is very fast, and quite comfortable. In America it is called subway or in London it is called the tube.

In towns there are also taxis, which are very comfortable, take you exactly where you want to go, but they are very expensive. London taxis – black cabs, and taxis in New York are called yellow cabs.

Young people usually have not much money and they use hitchhiking. It is the cheapest way of transport but also the slowest and quite dangerous. Many people can be robbed and girls can be abused

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