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Communication and its forms

How people communicate
People communicate in different ways .Communication can be:

a) FORMAL– people who don’t know each other and are not friends communicate formally – it is for example the communication between a teacher and a student, a shop assistant and a customer, a policeman and a driver and so on

b) INFORMAL– among friends – friends and family communicate informally – it is communication between colleagues, schoolmates, between a brother and a sister, a parent and a child, a grandparent and a grandchild etc.

Communication can also be:

1. VERBAL– it is spoken language, there exist about 6000 languages in the world, the spoken word is usually face to face. People can ask questions, talk about the past, the present, and the future. We can:
· make promises
tell lies
tell truth

2. WRITTEN– people write letters, e-mails, postcardsnotesand so on – the communicator has more time to write down his/her thoughts. He can read his ideas, change or correct them. Vocabulary of written text can be more complicated. But the writer cannot explain his emotions by his voice.

NON-VERBAL= gestures, mimics 
- hugging and kissing– on the cheek: when friends say “hello” or say “good bye”, parents kiss children, on the mouth: when people have romantic relationship
- pass the hand– to congratulate somebody on birthday… or when people meet as friends
- mimics - we can express our feelings such as anger or happiness and send different kind of information – we can smilefrown 
- gestures– it means movements of hands, body and head
- people who can’t talk or speak (mute-deaf people) – they usethe sign language 

Why is it important to learn foreign language?
· If we want to have a good job – people who can speak English, German or other foreign language can find a job more easily, if we want to be successful in economics, we have to sell our products abroad and we need to communicate
· To learn and understand new information - some people need to translate new information in the field of science and new inventions and technologies. 
· For travelling - many people travel abroad for holiday and others for a job – we need a foreign language we want to buy a ticket, buy food in a shop, go to the cinema or talk with foreign people.

Inventions and technology used for communication:

a) printing press - people used it in the past – it was discovered in the 14th century by a German inventor called Guttenberg
b)radio, film and television
c) modern media: phone, mobile phone, fax, e-mail – we can call friends, send written messages and photos – we use a mobile phone; we can look for information and send letters on the Internet; we can talk to one man or several people using ICQ or the Skype and it is possible to see them, if they have a camera by the computer.
d)paintings, drawings, photos

The use of technology in the public
It is good when people have their mobile phone always with them because they can talk to friends or family when they need or they can call an ambulance or police when they have problems and need help – the mobile phone can help them. On the other hand, some people use their mobile phone too much – they talk about their private matters, on the bus, train or in the street and it can disturb other people. Therefore people should use their mobile phones only when they need it or when it is necessary

Topics among men and women are a bit different. Whereas women talk about cosmetics, boys or men, their family, everyday life, fashion, job, household, weight, look and hair-style and also complain what to buy and how to buy it, men talk about sports, girls or women, current news from political life, cars, motorbikes, work, development of technology and science, gardening and money-especially how to earn it. 

Specific communication forms are also Brails script, which is worldwide known as the script for blind people. Something different is Morse code based on changing of dots and dashes.

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