Society and social problems essay

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Spoločnosť a sociálne problémy

Society means a group of people who share the same geographical or social territory, and they have some common features.

Multicultural society means that people of different nationalities live together and share their traditions. There are people of different races, nationalities and religions in the world. Although we all have to learn how to live in tolerance and peace together to make the world better place.

Social problems have been here with people for ages. Some of them are poverty, lack of drinkable water, lack of food, drug addiction, racism, children’s labour, slavery, lack of political freedom and many others.

Many of these problems are visible in underdeveloped countries. Those are countries with big industrial and agricultural problems. For example, India, China and almost all African countries. There is huge poverty. Although people are able to earn some money, it is enough only to a live healthy life. 

CHILD LABOUR – detská práca

If you think that when you work, you have the right to be safe and paid fairly, it is not true for every country in the world. The minimum age for work in China is 16 but many children must work before that. They usually work in very dangerous places and they get injured very often.

In India there are 10,1 million working children between 5 to 14 years. They need to work because their parents are not able to earn enough money for the whole family. The biggest problem is that children are not paid fairly. Products that we can buy in Europe cost usually more than 100% of child’s daily salary.

POVERTY - chudoba

The problem of poverty is usually connected with unemployment. People lose their job or people don’t earn enough money to take care of their family and home. Poverty leads to homelessness. People who became homeless usually wait for help from other people. They beg for money and food. Sometimes they work around church or they are accommodated in centres of charity were they need to keep the rules and become the part of community. For example, no alcohol and drugs, clean room, work on farm or in the garden.

Some homeless people choose to stay in the streets. They are usually alcoholics and drug addicted. The biggest death rate is visible during the winter when homeless people die of freezing.

DRUG ADDICTION – drogová závislosť

Addiction can happen at any age, but it usually starts when a person is young. However, there is no special type of person who becomes addicted. It can happen to anyone. We can divide drugs into two categories, soft drugs and hard drugs. Soft drugs are those which don’t make people physically addicted for example, cannabis-marijuana or LSD. Whereas hard drugs as alcohol, methamphetamine, cocaine, and so many medical products make people physically addicted.

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