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Everybody is only as old as they feel. But we can define youth according to age. When the childhood transform to teenage, a person starts to be independent in many different ways. A term teenage includes stage of life between the age of thirteen and nineteen. However, youth is defined as a stage of life between childhood and adulthood-maturity.

On this picture there are stages of man’s life from childhood to the senior age.
We can see how people change during all life. We can see physical changes, but we know that as we get older, our mentality is changed as well.

During puberty, many young people go through dramatic physical and also psychical changes, which often begin between the age of nine and thirteen. They start to watch opposite gender, and they try to belong with some group of people with similar lifestyle. Girls usually go through this stage earlier than boys. Young people in general don’t trust authorities and they tend to risk to experience their own ideas. They start to think about their future career according to their hobbies and favourite school subjects.


– charakteristické znaky mladých ľudí
Appearance - vzhľad
Young people like clothing. They like to wear fashionable clothes as their role models do. However, there are people who want to be invisible so they wear just ordinary clothes and they don’t care about fashion very much. Everybody likes to be fit and attractive. Girls want to look like famous models from advertisements, and boys want to be fit and have strong muscles. That’s why they often go to the fitness centre, and girls are often on diets because they want to lose weight. Young people like crazy hairstyles. They dye and colour their hair and use a lot of cosmetics. Some of them also like to have piercing and tattoos.

On this picture there is a girl who is wearing piercing and tattoos. Her hair is blue and she is wearing really strong make up. Teenagers love this style because they want to look different than others. Parents are usually hopeless and they don’t agree with their children.

CHARACTER - charakter
Young people like to be independent and respected. They think, they know what they want from life. They love freedom, hate criticism and they don’t like to be told what to do.

They have their dreams and plans for future. Lots of them like their friends more than their family and they enjoy spending all free time with them. Emotional relationships are very important to them.

On the other hand, some young people are very cheeky, rude and impolite, and they don’t care about other people maybe because they need more attention. Sometimes they are lazy, so they don’t help parents, grandparents to other people.
For example, this picture. There are mother and daughter. Mother is angry and she wants to speak with her daughter. Problem is that young lady is not responding. She doesn’t care about mother’s speech because she has her mobile phone and she probably is probably writing messages to her friends about her horrible mother.

LIFESTYLE – životný štýl
Many young people today build their family life later than it was in the past. They need to build their career first, and get married later. Sometimes it happens that young people live with their parents until they are thirty years old. This is usually not because they want to. The problem is that it is very difficult to become independent earlier. When young people graduate they are about 25 years old. After university they want to start their career or travel and it takes couple of years to leave parents’ house to move somewhere else.

- výhody a nevýhody mladosti
+ Young people can make plans and decide what they want to do in the future. They have more opportunities for traveling and they can gain experience. They don’t have to pay any bills because their parents do. They are responsible only for themselves, and they have freedom so they can learn from their own mistakes.
- It´s more difficult to find good job because they don’t have enough experience.
If they study and go to school, they don’t have their own money. They are dependent on their parents and family. Older people don’t always agree with their ideas because they have different opinions and experience.

TEENAGE PREGNANCY – tehotenstvo u násťročných
Because of lack of sexual education, young people start their sexual life too early. It is global problem which appears in every country. Media produces more immoralities than existed in the past and that affects the thinking of young people.
Teenage pregnancy has negative effect on teenagers’ life. They are not emotionally mature enough or financially able to bring children up. They need to grow up earlier and especially girls need to leave their studies. If teenager’s family is not able to help, teenage parents usually decide to give their baby to foster parents.

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