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THE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM IN SLOVAKIA – vzdelávací systém na Slovensku

There are different forms of education in Slovakia. Children from one to three years old are usually at home with their mothers but sometimes they need to go to the nursery school where they spend a few hours each day playing and doing some activities. They start socializing with other children.

Children at the age of three usually go to kindergarten where they learn social rules, ethics and the principles of the alphabet and mathematics. In Slovakia there is not a rule that children must go to kindergarten before primary school, but it is better for a child to have some experience with other children in classroom.

On this picture there is kindergarten teacher and her pupils. They are focused on what is she saying. And she probably telling a story form the book with pictures.

ELEMENTARY EDUCATION – základné vzdelanie

In primary schools there are children between six and fifteen years old. Although the primary schools last only for 9 years, children must go to school for 10 years. The school year begins in September and ends in the late June. In the first four years, children learn to read, write, and count at a basic level. There is usually only one teacher who teaches every subject. There are about 30 pupils in one classroom, so it is really difficult for teachers to focus attention on each and every student. In 5th class, there are more subjects to learn and each subject is taught by different teacher.

On this picture there is a classroom full of children. Four of them are probably presenting their project for all classroom. For a teacher it is really hard to focus on every student individually because there are so many people in one classroom.

There are so many subjects that pupil need to pass: Slovak language and literature, Second language, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, Biology, Art and Culture, Information Technology (IT), Physical Training (P.T.).

SECONDARY EDUCATION – druhý stupeň vzdelania

Secondary studies last for four years and secondary schools are attended by the students from the age of 15 to 19. They can choose from different kinds of secondary schools such as:

Secondary technical schools

Medical secondary school

Economic secondary school

Agricultural secondary school

Business Academy

Grammar schools – they prepare students for university studies

In contrast with the past, learning of foreign world-wide languages is more important nowadays. The high mobility of students, the possibility to seek for better work or study in other countries brings the necessity to study foreign languages.

On this picture we can see the maturita exam. To finish secondary education, students have to pass the school-leaving examination (Maturita exam). This exam consists of *written part (external part) and *oral part (internal part). Slovak language and second language are obligatory subjects. Other two subjects could be chosen.

During this exam, student selects two questions from four subjects and have 20 minutes to prepare. Than students have to answer and discuss for 20 minutes. If students fail on their first attempt, they have got a second chance in September.


When pupils are bored at primary school in 5th class, they have an opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills. But on the other hand, new requirements could sometimes lead to their overworking that could result in the loss of a childhood.

In the final year of each school stage, many pupils face a problem - everybody needs to choose their future occupation. The choice depends not only on their interests but also on their school evaluation. Some of them want to study at;

UNIVERSITY – vysoká škola

After Maturita exam, a lot of students want to continue with their studies. They choose the university and subject to study to gain more knowledge and skills for future life. This education usually lasts from 4 to 6 years and starts in a different month in every university. If we want to study at university we must also successfully pass the entrance examination. Many students want to continue their studies at universities to study:


Social work






Engineering - inžinierstvo

Slovak universities use a two-term system: winter and summer terms are regular periods of the academic year. When students successfully accomplish their university studies they are given a degree in their field of study. Bachelor’s degree is the lowest level of university studies and takes 3 years. The title of Master (Mgr.) is achieved after pedagogical or philosophical studies, and the title of Engineer (Ing.) after economic or technical studies.

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