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Zamestnania a profesie

Employment is a contract between employer and the employee. The employer is a person who offers a job to employees. It can also be an institution for example, state. The employees receive payment for the work.

Choosing one’s career is an important step in everybody’s life. Boys dream about professions such as pilots, astronauts, firemen or policemen. Girls on the other hand dream of becoming actresses, models, singers, teachers and so on. But as they get older and mature their criteria for choosing their profession become more and more realistic, because they have to coordinate their own interests, hopes and desires. 

People need a job because they have to earn money for themselves and their family. Some people want to reach a career in a higher position so they work hard. People meet new friends, clients or rivals at work. Working is not only about earning money, but also about social rank, spend time with people and feeling useful.At first people choose the school to study what they are interesting in. After studies they need to get more experience in their future jobs. Sometimes it happens that people quit their job because they find out that they are not happy or they need more money to earn.

PHYSICAL-MANUAL WORK – fyzická a manuálna práca

For example: a mechanic, a plumber, a carpenter, a builder, a miner etc.Manual workers are usually people who produce something. They work in factories and work with their hands. We also call them blue collars because of their working dresses. Manual workers usually work hard. On the picture below there is a builder. Builders sometimes have to work outside in every season of the year and they often work in dangerous places. They have to lift heavy objects and they need to be focused on what they do. If one of the workers makes a mistake it affects other workers. They need to be concentrate and in good physical state all the time. Sometimes they are overworked and tired because they also work at night.

MENTAL WORK – mentálna práca

For example: a lawyer, an architect, an accountant, a designer, psychologist.Mental workers are people who usually work with their brains. We also call them white collars because they usually work in office and wear white shirts. On the picture below there is a woman who works in office. Officer workers spend most of their day at a desk. They run report after report, analysing all different aspects of a company. They are in and out of meetings all day. They stare at a computer screen and try to figure out many problems. They rack their brains all day to finish their daily work. When they leave work, they sometimes have headaches, they're tired, and they are so mentally burnt out and sometimes they need to work at home because of some client request. They usually go to the gym to relax. In other hand they usually earn more money than blue-collars because they have a university degree.

THE UNEMPLOYMENT IN SLOVAKIA – nezamestnanosť na Slovensku

Slovakia is still a country with relatively high unemployment in comparison with the other European states. Unemployment in Slovakia is around 12%. It is not because the Slovaks don’t want to work. The reason is the lack of working positions. While in Bratislava unemployment is below 5%, in the districts of southern and eastern Slovakia it is more than 20%. Therefore, the people of these regions are more willing to work abroad and sometimes they don’t come back.

THE WAYS PEOPLE CAN LOOK FOR A JOB – spôsoby hľadania zamestnania

There are several ways to find a job. Look at job advertisements in newspaper or on the internet. Ask your family or friends if they know about any job positon. You can go to a work agency and ask for help....When you find a job advertisement, you should contact the company either by post, telephone, or e-mail and find out if the position is still free. If it is, you should write a CV, which includes all necessary information – your personal data and details about your education, qualifications and special skills (for example language or computer skills, driving licence …). Then send your CV together with a cover letter (a letter that offers more detailed information about you), to your potential employer. After that you should prepare for the job-interview.If you are looking for a job, you should find out these pieces of information:What is the working time? What is the salary? What are my duties, responsibilities? When would you need me to start? Working and bringing up children – práca a výchova detíRaising a child is the hardest and most responsible, yet satisfying task a human being can face. When a woman has a child, she or the partner needs to go to maternity leave. It usually takes 3 years, but sometimes parents decide to go to work and give their child to nursery for couple of hours every day. Retirement – dôchodokRetirement is the stage of life when a person stops working completely. A person may also semi-retire by reducing work hours. The standard age for retirement is considered 62, although many individuals choose to retire earlier or later due to personal or financial reasons.

WORKAHOLICS - workoholici

Workaholics are people who love their job and he don’t want to do anything else. They work from early morning till late evening and don't have any free time which they could spend with their family and friends. It is fine to have a good job and do it perfectly, but it´s also very important to have some hobbies and relax.

PART-TIME JOB – práca na čiastočný úväzok

Part time is the kind of work when a person is not fully employed. It means that a person works 6 or less hours a day just to make more money for a living. It is a very popular kind of work for students, who want to earn some money after school or during the weekends.

On the picture we can see the most popular student part-time job. It is the waiter and waitress who serves coffee and other drinks to their customers. It is not a very difficult job, if you can smile all the time and communicate with other people. One of the advantages of being a waiter is that you can get some tips (money from people) for your service.

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