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Starostlivosť o zdravie

The human body is a construction of bones-skeleton and muscles. The head, which is partly covered by hair, contains the brain inside. The brain is the organ which is the centre of nervous system. On the front part of the head is the face. The main parts of the face are forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, mouth, lips, ears and eyes (eye lids, eye lashes, eye brows). The main parts of mouth are lips, teeth and tongue. During our life we have two sets of teeth, deciduous and permanent teeth. The head is connected with trunk by neck. The main parts of the trunk are shoulders, breasts, belly/stomach, back, bottom/buttock, hips, and waist. Limbs are arms and legs. Arm means the part of body from shoulder to elbow, forearm, wrist, and hand - which consists of 4 fingers, 1 thumb, a palm and nails. The leg consists of a thigh, knee, shin, calf, ankle, and foot which consists of heel, instep, sole and 5 toes. The human body is covered by skin and under the skin are muscles, bones, fat, nerves and vessels with blood circulation. The movement of the body is produced by expansion and contraction of muscles. Internal organs are: brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, stomach. The human skeleton consist of 206 bones: skull, ribs, joints, pelvis and other bones.

MEDICAL CARE – zdravotná starostlivosť
If we feel ill or if we have an accident, we go to the Emergency room, Hospital or to some Private Doctor but we always need to pay money for examination.
The difference between a private hospital and a state hospital is that private hospitals usually use modern technologies and doctors have more time for patients. Your room looks like hotel room and everything is clean. On the other hand, private hospitals are expensive and we have to pay for every single thing.
In state hospital it’s not like that. Although we don’t have to pay for everything, there are usually very busy nurses and doctors, and we have to wait a long time to finally get help. Your room usually looks horrible and you have to stay in one room with 2 or more people.

MEDICAL TREATMENT – zdravotná starostlivosť
There are various types of medical treatment for different types of troubles. Doctor may check your weight, blood pressure, the pulse, eyes and ears. Sometime we need to X-ray our lungs or bones. Doctors usually prescribe some medicines - pills, antibiotic. We usually go to see the doctor when we do not feel well or have a temperature. We can suffer from various illnesses, beginning with common child diseases. Usually we suffer from common infections such as cold, flu, and angina or viruses such as hepatitis. In such cases we usually stay at home in bed, drink herbal tea, take pills, drops or vitamins and after a week or two we feel well again. However, the situation can be sometimes more serious and need special treatment in the hospital, for example heart attack, breaking an arm or leg, poisoning, cancer…

What kind of medicine do you prefer? – Aký druh lieku preferujete?
Hot tea with lemon and ginger usually helps when you have a cold or a flu that is only just beginning. Some people drink only alcohol if they have bellyache or they just want to prevent illness.
Other people believe that only pills and other medicines can heal you. So they buy anything doctors suggest they buy.
There is also another option to protect against and avoid illnesses - eat vitamins in fruits and vegetables.

It is true that prevention is better than a cure. In other words, the best way to cure yourself of a disease is not to catch it. We should try to live a healthy way of life, which means we should have a good proportion of work to leisure time, we should sleep at least 7 hours, we should do some sports, at least swim or go for walk, we should eat healthy food with lots of vitamins, and we shouldn’t smoke and drink too much alcohol. Generally speaking, we should lead such a way of life to keep our mind and body in a prefect state and balance.


– Čo doktori obyčajne odporúčajú pre zdravý životný štýl?
1. Try to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, brown bread, fish, white meat. Try not to eat sweets, chips, hamburgers, food in tins and packets.
2. Exercise makes us more attractive and we breathe more oxygen and it makes us happy. However, exercise is only effective for you if you do it for more than 20 minutes and you do it at least three times a week. There are several different kinds of exercise. We can work out in a gym, we can cycle, go jogging, hiking or swimming. The best way to exercise with whole body is yoga, martial arts like karate, judo, taekwondo or just skiing.
3. Relax. It is important to eat well and exercise. But it is also important to relax. That’s because relaxation is the opposite of stress. It helps the body to rest and recover. Read books, play computer games, watch movies, talk with your friends or family. These are the best ways to avoid stress.
4. Vaccination. This point is very questionable. Although many doctors suggest parents to vaccinate their children, many scientists don’t agree that it is a healthy solution to avoid illnesses. It depends on life standards of country. If there is not very good hygiene in a country, it is good to be vaccinated to avoid any illness. On the other hand, countries with highest standards don’t need it because their healthcare is also at a higher level.

When you want to be treated by a doctor for free you have to have health insurance. If you don’t pay it, you have to pay for every single thing a doctor does to you. And also when you have the health insurance you don’t have to pay whole price for medicines.

There are various types of doctors who are specialized in diseases and disorders. They are dentists, surgeons, interns, ophthalmologists, paediatricians, psychiatrists, dermatologists, orthopaedics, ear and throat specialists etc.



Časti tela
arm ɑː(r)m paža; ruka
back bak chrbát
chest tʃest hruď
ear ɪə(r) ucho; sluch
elbow ˈelbəʊ lakeť
finger ˈfɪŋgə(r) prst
foot fʊt noha; chodidlo
hand hand ruka
head hed hlava
knee niː koleno
leg leg noha
nose nəʊz nos
stomach ˈstʌmək žalúdok
throat ɵrəʊt krk
toe təʊ prst (na nohe)
tooth tuːɵ zub
Zdravotné problémy a choroby
broken ˈbrəʊkən rozbitý; zlomený
cold kəʊld nachladený
cough kɒf kašľať; kašeľ
earache ˈɪəreɪk bolesť ucha
flu fluː chrípka
headache ˈhedeɪk bolenie hlavy
hurt hɜː(r)t bolieť; zraniť
pain peɪn bolesť; bolesti
sore sɔː(r) boľavý
stomach ache ˈstʌmək eɪk bolenie brucha
temperature ˈtemprɪtʃə(r) teplota
toothache ˈtuːɵeɪk bolesť zubov
virus ˈvaɪrəs vírus
Zdravie a medicína
food poisoning ˈfuːd ˌpɔɪz(ə)nɪŋ otrava jedlom
first aid ˌfɜː(r)stˈeɪd prvá pomoc
health centre ˈhelθ ˌkeə(r) zdravotné stredisko
heart attack ˈhɑː(r)t əˌtak infarkt
painkiller ˈpeɪnˌkɪlə(r) liek na bolesť
waiting room ˈweɪtɪŋ ˌruːm čakáreň
Ostatné slová
cruelty ˈkruːəlti krutosť
cure kjʊə(r) (vy)liečiť
drug drʌg droga; liek
emergency ɪˈmɜː(r)dʒ(ə)nsi pohotovosť
evil ˈiːv(ə)l zlý
fall fɔːl padať
fault fɔːlt chyba
fear fɪə(r) strach
filled fɪld naplnený
forest ˈfɒrɪst les; prales
forgive fə(r)ˈgɪv odpustiť
get well ˌget ˈwel uzdraviť sa
guilty ˈgɪlti vinný
human being ˌhjuːmən ˈbiːɪŋ ľudská bytosť
hygiene ˈhaɪdʒiːn hygiena
lie, lay laɪ leɪ ležať
mad mad šialený
misery ˈmɪzəri utrpenie; trápenie
poison ˈpɔɪz(ə)n jed
recover rɪˈkʌvə(r) uzdraviť sa; vzchopiť sa
reduce rɪˈdjuːs znížiť; obmedziť
remedy ˈremədi liek;
ruin ˈruːɪn zničiť; zboriť
be seasick ˈsiːˌsɪk mať morskú chorobu
sick sɪk chorý; na zvracanie
strong strɒŋ silný
suffer ˈsʌfə(r) (u)trpieť
wonder ˈwʌndə(r) diviť sa
ability əˈbɪləti schopnosť


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