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People like spend their time in different manner (způsob). It is caused by upbringing. People whose parents love sports  will be probably sportsmen too. Some people are sick or some are lazy. Someone likes art, someone books, someone likes playing heroes. It is good if someone has some hobbies, because people who are not interested of anything are boring.
1) Theatres
  I like visiting theatres, because I like operas. I would like to visit National Opera, because I haven’t been there yet. I would like to see there Nabucco – it is an opera about Jews in exile. My favourite opera is La Traviata. After the final exam I would like to visit theatre more often. But opera is not the only theatre. It is also the tragedies and comedies, musicals and historical plays. If I have time I would like to see William Shakespeare’s plays, because the reading of them was wonderful.
2) Cinemas
  People usually go to the cinema because they want   to entertain themselves (bavit se). We can see action films, romantic films, historic films, detective films, horrors, funny and crazy comedies, films about some personality or musicals. But for today’s people video is the most interesting. If we wait for a short time we can borrow a film on a videocassette. It is cheaper than cinema, we can stay sitting at home and do what we want. Sometimes it is good, but I prefer to go out with friends.
3) Music
  Music is an important part of our lives. We like it, we hate it but it everyone has his or her music which she or he adore (zbožňovat). We can listen different kinds of music. It can be classical music, or modern music – rock, punk, metal, techno, tekkno, pop, hip-hop, rap, soul, ballads, hard-core, jazz, house etc. People visit concerts or music clubs to listen the music or dancing. There are different types of dancing, it can be Latin-American dance, disco dance, pogo, classical dances like a cha- cha, rumba, tango etc.
4) Fashion
  This is the a topic specially for girls. Any girl sometimes stands in front of the mirror and says that she doesn’t have anything to wear. Some girls say this every day and go to the shop to buy some new clothes or shoes. They can do shopping at Mark & Spencer, United colours of Beneton, Giga sports or some others shops.  Someone has the fashion like a hobby and sew their some clothes themselves. I have been never tried to make my clothes myself, but I like make things like a bags, or  a rucksack.
5) Computer
  More and more young people like the computers and Internet so much than don’t leave their homes. They play games all day. they loose contact with other people. But if they like it, I don’t mind. I like the computer games too, but on my old computer I can play only some of them. But I need computer to learn. Many of books are nowadays on the CD-ROM and it is sometimes better to buy CD than a book. It is smaller and you can look for words easier.
6) Going out
  Going out  is a good leisure time activity. You can go by bus, to another town and walk home, or you can go by boat. You can choose between a steam boat or barge, whiff (veslice), kayak or raft. If you don’t like water, you can walk. If you don’t like walking you can drive a car, ride a donkey, a horse or some other animal. If you are a sportsman and you like biking you can travel by bike to the nature or to the old castles.
7) Sports
  I do active sport. I like to do something what is good for physical condition. I do a rowing. I am not a good rower, but I like to do it. Before that I did gymnastics and judo. In a rowing club you can make friends for going to the theatres, concerts and to the pub. I like a bicycle riding, badminton and running too. Sometimes it is hard to do sport but it is wonderful feeling when you can say to you that your life has some aim. (cíl)
8) Fantasy games
  There is a special game named Dragon lodge and it depends (záviset) on human fantasy how interesting the game will be. You can choose a figure you wish to play it can be a barbarian, a pygmy, a man, a hobbit, a kroll – it is the type of giant, an elf, and you can choose the profession for it – a warrior, a mage, an alchemist, a thief or a borderer. Somebody must play the Lord of the cave (jeskyně) and this person must be prepared for all adventure (dobrodružství). You can play in the cave, in the dungeon, in the fields. You can give your figure the random (libovolné) name.
9) Books
  Many people of my generation don’t like reading books. It is a pity, because some books are very good. Maybe some films made according the books are better than reading these books. But authors like Stephen King, John Steinbeck, J.R.R. Tolkien, Peter Straus, Lion Feuchtwanger, Henrich Mann, or some other classic authors are really good. Maybe some day we start reading the books again
10) Art and people who do it
  Art is interesting for people who like the pictures and galleries, exhibitions and fairs (veletrhy). Usually it is the people who are do art on their own. They are the artists, players on a musical instrument, poets, architects, writers, and people who understand the art. It can be modern art or art from the period of classicism, renaissance, baroque, rococo etc. Art is a great hobby for people have more free time, but it is very demanding (náročný).
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