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The Vikings discovered it a thousand years ago, but it was rediscovered by the Europeans in the 15th century. The French occupied largeparts in 16th century, they were followed by the English, who building up their empire. Canada became a British dominion in 1867, now it‘s a selfgoverning member of the British Commonwealth. Head of state is British Queen repersented by Governor General. The federal parliament consist of the Senate in the front with Governor – General and the House of Commons. The seat of the Federal Parliament and government is Ottawa. Since 1964 it has its own  national flag. In the middle there is a red maple leaf in a white strife and on the sides are two red strifes = blood of the Canadian, who died in the first world war. The official languages are English and French.
Canada consist of 11 provinces which are divided in 5 teritorries:
a) ATLANTIC: Newfoundland – St. John‘s, New Brunswick – Fredericton, Nova Scotia – Halifax, Prince Edward Island – Charlottetown
b) CENTRAL: Ontario - Toronto, Quebec – Quebec City
c) PACIFIC: British Columbia – Victoria,
d) PRAIRE: Manitoba – Winnipeg, Allberta - Edmonton
e) NORTHERN TERITORIES: Yukon – Whitehorse, North – West Territories – Yellowknife, Nunavut = 11th province.Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Allberta
Canada occupies nothern part of continent of Noth America (without Alaska) and a number of islands. The biggest one is Vancouver in the west, the othersare Nova Scotia and Newfoundland in the east, Victoria and Baffin Islands.

Canada has  a total area of nearly 10 million square kilometres. Beside the Great Lakes: Lake Superior, Huron, Erie and Ontario shares with USA. There are also Great Bear Lake, Great Star Lake, Lake Winnipeg and many smaller lakes. The highest mountain is Mt. Logan.
Between lakes Erie and Ontario are The Niagra Falls and the Niagara River. Canada has also large rivers: the Mackenzie (from Rocky Mountainsinto Artic Ocean), the Yukon, the Fraser and  the Columbia flaving  in the Atlantic Ocean.

Canada is sourrounded by 3 oceans: the Arctic Ocean in the north, the Pacific Ocean in the west and the Atlantic Ocean in the east, in the south there is a neighbour of Canada – the USA.
In Canada there is artic climate in the north (in winter temperatures as low as 50°C). Winter losts 5 months with heavy snowfalls. North country is a cold tundra with great forests, in the centre is prairie.
Capital is Ottawa. Montreal is the only city with more than 1 million inhabitants. Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Hamilton, Winnipeg and Quebec.
Canada has coal, metal, oil and gas. The principal mining province is Alberta. Centres of iron and steel industries are Hamilton and Sydney. Motor – car industry is in Windsor, Chatham and Oshawn. Oil industry is in Toronto and Montreal.
Main products are wheat, meat, dairy products and leather. Manitobe is one of the chief provinces.
Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia supply for wood, furniture and the production of paper.
Canada has just 25 million inhabitants.More than 40% are British origin, about 30% is French origin, over 20% Europian origin, in Artic region there are Eskimos and the Indians live iin villages, small townships in the prairie.
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