Anna Karenina – Review

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Anna Karenina – Review 

In late 19th century Russian society in St. Petersburg had been living Anna Karenina, who was a wealthy, well-liked socialite with her elder statesman husband Alexei Karenin and their son - Seryozha. She had a brother, who called „Stiva“ – Stephan Oblonsky. Stiva had been having an affair with governess, and his wife wanted to leave him. Therefore he invited his sister - Anna to Moscow. Anna Karenina, journeyd to Moscow to convinced Dolly to forgive him.

On the train to Moscow, Anna met Alexei Vronsky , and they had an immediate and mutual attraction. Meanwhile Anna convinced Dolly to take Stiva back. As thank Stiva with wife invited Anna to Ball. At the Ball – all nigth Vronsky was dancing with Anna. Their dancing noticed by everyone. Anna had to leave the Ball. On the train to St. Peterburg Vronsky said : “ I would be everywhere, where you would be .“

As soon as in St. Petersburg, Vronsky began to show up at all the places Anna. During a party, Vronsky flirted openly with Anna, which caught Karenin's attention. After Alexei Karenin suggested they go home, but Anna stayed. Vronsky got a army's promotion in another city but Anna asked him to stay. The following day, she and Vronsky met at a hotel and made love.

In short time at Karenin's country estate, Karenin suprised his wife and Vronsky. Anna revealed to Vronsky that she was pregnant. Evening had Vronsky a dostihy. The races began, and Anna was showing her feelings for Vronsky when his horse injured him. On way home Anna confessed to Karenin that she was Vronsky's girlfriend and wished to divorce him. Karenin refused this idea.

As soon as Karenin arrived to announce he was divorcing Anna. Anna went into premature labour. As she was lying as dead, she confessed her sins before God. Her friend was trying to show Anna, what benefits lost when left to Karenin. Finally, Anna decided to live with Vronsky. What´s more Anna attended the opera. Anna felt humiliated, because she "broke the rules". People decried her for love to another man.

......Out of blue, Anna found that Vronsky had a love affair with a younger woman. Vronsky persuaded her that it was a lie. Anna felt very loneliness and worthless. At the last station, Anna said to herself, "God forgived me!" as she jumped under a train, which killed her.

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