My dream car

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My dream car 

It was a day like any other. Mr. John Brown had been working as a bookkeeper in a prestigious company. One day, the owner of the company gave him the task to rewrite financial papers. Owner – Mr. Hill did not like how John had been working and fired him.

In the evening, John said his wife, what had happend. She was disappointed, because they would have less money. Then she told him. "Don't worry, you would find a new - better job." He had fear, how would he told about this situation to his son Mark, because he had promised Mark to buy a new car for him, when he began to study at the University. Every day, Mark had been thinking of his new car. Nevertheless, his son took this information well. Mark said to father: „ It is okay, I will have more time to choose a car anyway.“

That night, Mark could not sleep. While he was sleeping, he had a dream. This dream was very interesting. He was reading a newspaper, when he saw an advertisement: „10€ and you will have a new car“. He was surprised, he could not believe it. The next day, he said parents about this dream. They did not believe him. His mother told him: „It is not possible, they had to make a mistake somewhere.“ Mark did not agree with mother. During a breakfast he was reading the newspaper. He was surprised and shouted: „ It is true, mom come here.“ In the newspaper was the same advertisement as in the dream. His mom did not believe, but she took him for his satisfaction to address from the advertisement .

The old woman opened the door. She welcomed Mark and showed him a beautiful car. His mother did not believe her eyes. Mark paid old woman 10€ and took his new car. His mom was speaking to this woman. The the woman told her why she sold the car. „My husband changed me for another woman, and I sold his the biggest love in the world.

As soon as the woman´s husband arrived home. He was very angry and unhappy when he found out that his wife had sold his car. A few days later Mark and his father found out that the car which Mark had bought belonged to Mr Hill.

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