The Difference Between Fast Food and Restaurants

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The Difference Between Fast Food and Restaurants 

There are a few aspects to compare as for ordinary(traditional,expensive) restaurants and fast food restaurants.

As for the décor an ordinary restaurant is fashionably decorated, the tables are nicely laid with white linen tablecloths. There is a vase with cloth napkins and a saltcellar on the tables. You can find there high quality furnishings and fashionably painted walls in matching colours. Food is served on traditional china plates and drinks are served in glass or crystal glasses. The food is eaten using classical metal cutlery, which is stainless or made of silver.

As for the food traditional restaurants usually offer a great variety of different dishes to choose from. Customers can choose the food from menu, which usually contains starters(appetizers), main dishes, side dishes and desserts. A waiter will take an order and after 20 minutes we are brought our meal. After finishing it we are brought a bill and we can pay in cash or by credit car. (tips)

The atmosphere in a restaurant is very peaceful, (relaxed), pleasant, sometimes they play relaxing music while eating to enjoy the meal. But you should have enough time to dine in a restaurant, because it takes much time, but it is comfortable and pleasant to eat there. Therefore the prices are high, because we must pay for the comfort, which we are offered.

The décor in fast food restaurants is usually simple and plain. The tables and the chairs are made of plastic and there is no decoration on them. Typical fast food restaurants offer hamburgers, hotdogs... The food isn´t served by waiters, but customers order it at the counter. After paying it they take the food on a tray to the table, which is free. They aren´t shown to the table as it is usual in a restaurant. The food is served in plastic plates and cups, which are biodegradable and can be recycled. After finishing the meal customers put a tray into a desingnated area. Fast food restaurants are convenient for those who are in a hurry because they are time saving.

The prices are quite reasonable, but atmosphere is usually unpleasant and busy, rush, uncomfortable, nasty, noisy.

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