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Our school is secondary grammar school offering geberal education and preparing students fot university study. There are about 600 students from the age of 15 to the age of 19 in about 16 classes.

It is built in the late nineteenth century decorative style in the beginning of the 20th century the school has been renovated several times and now it look nice and new. Our school was founded in 1909 in the original L-shaped building with Art Nouveau. The history of our school spans over more than 9 decades: Austrian Monarchy, First Czechoslovak republic, Nazzi Ocupation, Communist period and the period after 1989. Especially during the period between two wars important and famous personalities taught and studied there. But also from later periods some names are famous: a poet František Hrubín, a Skupa’s succesor Miloš Kirschner, an actress Jana Hlaváčová, a tennis player Jan Kodeš, a politician Cyril Svoboda and many others. In summer 2001 our school building was included into the Capital City Culutral Heritage.

It is large building with four floors with a small sportsground nearby. In its basement there are cloakrooms with students‘ lockers, a school takers workshop, a snack bar, a gymnasium and a few teachers‘ offices. On the other floors there are long hallways with many doors leading to classrooms, laboratories, teachers‘ offices and toilets. On the first floor there are the headmaster’s and the deputy headmasters’s offices, the administrative office, the staff room and a school canteen where students and teacher have hot lunches (We buy luncheon tickets for the whole month and every day  we can choose from two possible dishes). On the top foor there is a school library. The hallways are decorated with flowers and pictures anf there are also notice boards with important information and timetables. All classrooms are almost same. There are large windows opposite the door, row of the school desks and chairs with two aisles between, in front of desks is a blackboard with shelf for the chalk and with washbasin nearby, teacher’s desk. On the wall upon the teacher’s desk on the wall there is also a portrait of the president. Subjects which need a special equiptment are taught in special classrooms such as a chemistry, physics or biology laboratory, computer rooms a music and an art room or gymnasium.

The first lesson
can start already at seven o’clock at the morning, but usually first lesson starts at eight o’clock. One lesson lasts for 45 minutes and than is a break. Break lasts five or ten minutes. After the second lesson which finishes at 9:40 is a large break which lasts 20 minutes and during it students eat their snack. This break follow other two or three lessons with short breaks between and than students can have a lunch, after it they can go home or in case they have afternoon education they have with lunch one hour break and than two or three other lessons.

The lesson starts after the bell ring. Than all the teachers enter to the classrooms, the students stand up to greet him. He makes an entry in the class register, marks absent students and than he starts lesson. He examines students individually by asking them to come to blackboard or sometimes the whole class takes a written test. The results range from excellent, very good, good, satisfactory to failure. After examination the teacher explains a new  subject matter and practises it with exercises.
The entrance test are written in mathematics and Czech. Every year are opened two specialized classes: one in computers and the other in maths and physics. Other classes are without any specialization. The following subjects are : the Czech language and litearture, foreign languages (English, German, Spanish), mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geoghraphy, history, information science, introduction to social scinces, music, fine arts. In the second from students choose one elective and in the third they choose another one. They can choose: foreign language conversation and various types of seminars (biology, chemistry, history, computers etc.)

The school year is divided into two terms. At the end of each term students receive school reports with marks from both compulsory and elective subjects.
Secondary education is finished with a school – leaving examination (graduation) which is requied by all universities and colleges. It is taken in four subjects – two compulsory subjects: czech and some foreign language and the other two optional subjects chosem from foreign languages, science subjects or humanities. The examination is taken in May and is mostly oral except Czech in which and essay is written about a month before. The oral part of the exam takes about two hours, half an hour for each subject. Student chooses one of 25 topics by drawing a number and after the 15 minutes‘ preparation he speaks  on the topic and solves given tasks. After the graduates have passed their final examinations they receive School – Leaving Certificate and they can appky for study at universities and colleges.
There are some special events held by the school. A dancing ball is just one of them. The students of the fourth forms are decorated with ribbons by their class teachers and all new students are matriculated there. After the school leaving examinations the graduates give their farewell parties.
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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