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Sports and games are one of the most popular leisure time activities. Such a form of relaxation sport is refreshing, can help take off some weight and it is important for our physical and mental health. During the sport events we can meet a lot of new people and see how it feels to be a winner or loser.
There are a lot of types of sports and games. We can practise outdoor or indoor sports, in water or anywhere we want. Outdoor sports are as follows: golf, skiing, sledding, windsurfing, marathon-running, fishing, climbing, hiking or tourism, mountaineering, horse riding, rallies. Indoor sports include: table tennis, gymnastics, chess. Ball games, athletics (sprint, high jump, long jump, etc.), tennis, shooting, skateboarding and skating may be practised both outdoor and indoor. There are also aquatic sports: water skiing, swimming, diving, water polo, yachting, canoeing, and rowing.

People all around the world participate in for sports. Ball games are popular all around the world - basketball, volleyball, football (called soccer in America), tennis, and handball. Many people go to the hills our mountains - where there are adapted slopes and down hill runs for skiing. Millions of people like to attend matches, watch them on TV, and listen them on the radio and cross their fingers for their favourite team.

Many sports have their origins in Britain that is why Britain is sometimes called the cradle of sports. Two types of rugby, modern game of hockey, cricket, darts, tennis and boxing were invented in Britain. Golf has its origins in Scotland. Here are the major sports events in Britain: Wimbledon (the Grand Slam Tennis Tournament), The British Open Golf Championship, football Premier league, etc.

In the USA most sports and games have been to a great extent commercionalized. The four foremost games there are American football, baseball, basketball and ice-hockey (it has its roots in Canada). These games are turned into big shows in which the sports stars make a lot of money. American football differs from European mainly in the shape of the ball (oval), the way in which it is carried by the players (in the hands), and the form of scoring (touchdown at field goals). Other sports such as the former Indian game lacrosse or field hockey are also popular. In America: US Open (the Open Grand Slam Tennis Tournament), NBA, NHL (National hockey league) etc.

Most famous all around the world are Olympics games. The first ancients of Olympic Games were held in 776 B.C. The significant was the treaty signed on this occasion. All the fighting had to be stopped for as long as the Olympic games were on. First Olympic Games lasted only for one day and consisted only from one event, the running of one Stadion. All Greeks who were free citizens and hat not committed murder or heresy, had right to take the in the Olympic Games. The ceremonies began with the official oath that was taken by the athletes swearing that they would compete with honour and respect the rules. The institution of Olympic Games lasted for twelve centuries and was established in 393 AD. About hundred years ago Pierre de Coubertin renewed The Olympics. Today as well as in ancient times they take place every four years. Every four years is the flame of Olympic games transferred by many sportsmen to the city that hosts the Olympic games. Since 1924 there are two parts of the games – summer and winter – which change every two years.

In 2002 the venue of winter Olympic Games was in Salt Lake City in USA. About 2000 athletes from 70 nations competed there in 78 different events. The most successful of our Czech sportsmen was Aleš Valenta who wan the gold medal in  ….  and Kateřina Neumannová who won the bonze medal in…
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