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People use their language to say their thoughts, opinions or feelings. They communicate.
We can communicate to other people in different ways:
-  we can talk and write
-  we can send messages
-  there are also phones, including mobiles, fax, and e-mails
television, film, painting and photography can also express ideas
Music can also be the universal language because almost everybody of us can understand it. Animals have ways of exchanging information, too.
Bees dance and tell other bees where to find food.
Elephants make sounds that humans cannot hear.
Whales sing songs.
Monkeys use their faces to show anger and love. We can also understand the language of flowers.
But this is nothing compared to what people can do. We also use systems of signs, symbols, gestures  for expressing information. Like all animals, we have a  body languagegestures and facial expressions.
Our body shows our feelings, fear, anger, happiness or thoughts. When we yawn, we are tired or bored. Sitting with eyes and mouth wide-open means that we are fascinated or surprised
We produce thousands of signs every day.
On the other hand, we have language-about 6 000 languages, in fact. We can write poetry, tell jokes, make promises, explain, persuade, tell the truth or tell a lie. And we have the sense of the past and future, not just only the present. Because of that most of us find embarrassing to remain silent in a company and feel they have to fill the silence by saying something.
But some people like silence and they do not use a lot of words. From time to time silence can expresses its ideas more powerfully than speech.
  There are different kinds of conversation:
Formal speech, lecture, sermon, ceremony, monologue, diction
Informalchat, gossip, discussion, whisper, dialogue, rumour
Many psychologists say that men and women’s conversations are different.
Men like talking about hobbies, sports and  women. On the other hand women like talking about fashion, children, cooking and  other people.
Other potential type of communication is phone, especially mobiles. Many of us prefer talking to others through the phone at these days but if the situation needs to be formal, we should prefer a face-to-face communication.
Modern technologies influence everyone of us. When we come back  home we switch on TV, radio or computers and they replace our missing communicators.
And now we have the Internet and its e-mails, which is infinite. It is very popular nowadays and people can give and get a lot of information or send messages to whom it may concern very fast. In last centuries people used a system of sending messages through the dots and dashes, short and long sounds or flashes of lights. It was called the Morse code.
  Communication is very important in the evolution of human beings. Modern media is changing our world every minute of every day.
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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