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Science and technology is very important for everybody of us because man wants to live in the word full of electronics. For example, we probably cannot imagine our lives without microwave, mobile phone, television, hi-fi or computer. These things make very important part of our lives. We use them daily and of course they are very helpful. They make our life easier and more comfortable. People usually have think up things that help them in casual, everyday life. Every woman is happy if robots or domestic appliances help her in the kitchen or with the housework.
People also want to travel. In the past we travelled by horses or on foot. It cost no money but it was not very comfortable. We wanted to improve our travelling and made it more comfortable and faster. Because of this we thought up the first train. It was made in England. It was the first car, in fact, it was not very fast but man was satisfied. Due to the man feelings, scientists did not feel satisfaction. They were thinking and thinking and after that they thought up planes. In fact, it was great discovery and everybody wants to try this way of transportation. Nowadays, it is common to travel by planes, ships, trams, cars or trains. In many cases it is not very convenient but rather more faster than going on foot.
For a long time people were not very pleased with their inventions and that was the reason why they started to construct something useful and important – computers. The first one was very big and slow. Successively it was improved and the results are today’s modern computers that are used at offices, schools, and institutions or at homes and they are unreachable part of our common life. Mainly teenagers and children use computers for playing.
Inseparable part of computers is the Internet. Today modern era brings us many technological innovations that Internet is and there is no doubt about it. Internet is an international network of computers. There we can find information about everything. Every Internet user has its own e-mail address and we can send a letter to our friends. We can talk during this network in real time.
Space flights represent a special application of modern technology and science. Russians launched the first satellites into orbit around Earth in 1957. Soon the first man was sent in the space, too. His name was Gagarin. The first man who stepped onto the Moon’s surface was Neil Armstrong. At present artificial satellites are used for scientist purposes, communications, weather forecasting, etc.
Other technical innovations:
-  nuclear energy
-  electricity
-  synthetic insulin and hormones
-  x-ray machines
-  radar
-  birth control methods
-  silicon chip and laser
Since 1960´s we have spoken about the scientific-technical revolution. Both science and technology are the most important phenomena, which can solve people’s problems on the earth. For example to find other alternative energy sources, to reduce pollution and to protect environment, to find way how to feed people in the countries of the „Third world“ or to find medicine against such disease as cancer, AIDS or the latest Ebola virus which trouble contemporary world.
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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