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City life
City – is a large area with a lot of facilities (zariadení, možností), e.g. :
- sport facilities – swimming pool, sports centre, tennis courts, football pitch, skating rink…
- cultural facilities – theatre, opera house, radio station, art gallery, libraries,  museums community centres (kult.dom)
- educational facilities – kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, universities…
- catering, accommodation and nightlife facilities – restaurants, hotels, BZB (bed and breakfast), youth hostel, guest house (penzión) night clubs, discos, housing estate……….
- transport – public transport system, bus service, railway station, airport, car park, car hire
- other facilities – health centre, hospitals, job centre, law court, shopping centre, department store, chemist´s, police station, Town Hall = City Hall (radnica), skyscrapers, factories, industrial zone
Disadvantages of living in a big city( typical problems of large cities = the worst things about living in a city is that…):
1/ It is  over-crowded it means full of people, too many people living in one place. People seem to be angry and unfriendly.
2/ It can be noisy and dangerous with a high number of crimes and vandalism.
3/ The streets are often dirty and polluted due to traffic and industry.
4/ Problems with traffic jams – there is too much traffic especially in the rush – hour (= it is the worst time of the day when people travel to or from work, the roads are busy and full of cars. For many people this is very stressful.)
5/ There is a problem with parking cars.
6/ Problems of a higher cost of living (životné náklady), houses are very expensive.
Advantages = the best things  about living in a city is that:
1/ There´s a lot  to do and see
2/ There´s  good nightlife = places to go at night, e.g. bars, discos, cinemas, theatres…
3/ There´s a lot of shops selling different things, you can get whatever you want.
4/ There are many cultural, educational, sports and other facilities
5/ Cities are cosmopolitan = full of people from many different countries and cultures.
6/ There are more job opportunities = it is easier to find a job
Generally we can say that life in the city is, hectic, bustling (hemžiaci sa ľuďmi), crowded, filthy (špinavý), shabby (ošumelý, spustnutý), packed but on the other hand historic, lively and enchanting (očarujúci).

Life in the country
In the country = in the countryside (na vidieku)
I grew up = spent my childhood in a rural (vidiecky) area, in a small town. It was a place far away from big towns. We live in an old cottage (detached house….). My sister and I played a lot in the woods = small forest. I love being in the country because I love nature, it means its wildlife=birds, animals, insect and I enjoy walking in the countryside (we cannot say nature because nature is not a place).
Pros and cons of living in the country (klady a zápory života na vidieku= pre a proti):
Pros = Advantages = the best things about living in the country is that:
1/ You get peace and quiet (Je tam kľud a pokoj. ), life is slower and more relaxed.
2/ You get fresh and clean air, there is less pollution
3/ You are surrounded by lovely scenery and you can walk in the countryside.
4/ You can take food and drink and have a picnic wherever you wish.
5/ There is less crime and vandalism, people don´t live in anonymity they know one another.
6/ Houses are cheaper = lower cost of living , we all have more space to move
Cons = Disadvantages = the worst  things about living in the country is that:
1/ There is nothing to do and see, there is nowhere to go.
2/ There isn´t much nightlife.
3/ Public transport (buses + trains) is hopeless (terrible=poor).
4/ You do not get many shops and it is not close to hospital
5/ There is not much privacy (private life) because everyone knows what you are doing. However, people are much friendlier than people in the cities.
Useful vocabulary
Names of trees:    
- leafy trees (listnaté stromy)
- oak (dub)
- maple (javor)
- chestnut (gaštan)
- coniferous trees (ihličnaté stromy) are evergreen all year round
- pine (borovica)
- fir (jedľa)
- snail (slimák)  - falcon (sokol)  - swallow (lastovička)
- snake  - hedgehog (ježko)
- bee - peacock (páv)
- pigeon  - bear
- ladybird  - fox (líška)
- eagle (orol) - bat (netopier)
- snowdrop (snežienka) - daffodil (narcis)
- primrose (prvosienka)  - tulip
- dandelion (púpava)
- forget-me-not (nezábudka)
- violet (fialka)
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