Henrry VIII.

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Henry VIII Early Life - the royal family
Henry VIII was born at the Palace of Placentia at Greenwich on 28 June 1491 , Henry VIII was the third child of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. His sisters were called Margaret Tudor (1489 – 1541) and Mary Tudor (1496 – 1533). His brother was called Arthur, Prince of Wales (1486 – 1502). Arthur was the first born son and therefore the Prince of Wales and heir to the English crown.
Henry VIII Early Life - Born to take a secular role in the Catholic church
Prince Henry as the second son was groomed to take the secular life, probably taking the role of the Archbishop of Canterbury. The focus of his education was theology. This knowledge of the subject and the bible was to be of great help to him in his later life.

Henry VIII Early Life - His education
Henry VIII received an education befitting a prince of the royal blood. Henry VIII was taught a range of different lessons including languages, grammar, theology, history, rhetoric, logic, philosophy, arithmetic, logic, literature, geometry, and music. In addition to all of theses subjects the education of the young Henry VIII also included astronomy, navigation and cartographer and non-academic subjects such as riding, jousting, tennis, archery, hunting and dancing.

Henry VIII Early Life - His friends
The closest childhood friends of Henry VIII were his cousins, William Compton and Charles Brandon and a young noble called Henry Norris. Charles Brandon shared his most prominent characteristics - natural athleticism, strong physical health and an enthusiasm for all sports including riding, hunting, tilting and jousting. During his early life Henry VIII had his own retinue with servants and minstrels. He also had a fool named John Goose. The fool John Goose is referred to in the Privy Purse Expenses of Elizabeth of York:
Like all the noble households Henry VIII has a whipping boy. A whipping boy was a boy of the same age, but lower rank, who was raised with a prince or noble as a playmate and took the place of the prince when he misbehaved - the prince would therefore only have received indirect punishments. The names of the young nobles who acted as whipping boys to Henry VIII are unknown.

• Henry VIII Early Life - The Wedding of Arthur and Catherine of Aragon
Henry was not given many royal duties during his early life. These duties were expected to be performed by his older brother, Arthur, who was being prepared to rule England. On 14th November 1501 Arthur, Prince of Wales married the Spanish princess Catharine of Aragon. Young Henry was ten years old and played a major role at the wedding. Wearing a robe made of cloth of gold Henry escorted the bride, Catherine of Aragon, to St.Paul's Cathedral. The ceremony was conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Henry Deane, who was assisted by the Bishop of London, William Warham. The wedding banquet was followed by dancing which Henry enthusiastically joined. The wedding celebrations lasted for two weeks and included daily jousts and banquets followed by pageants, masques and dancing.
Henry VIII Early Life - The Death of Arthur

On 2. April 1502 Arthur, Prince of Wales died at Lundlow Castle. Henry's position as the second son of Kig Henry VII. Endedand he became heir to the throne of England. King Henrry VII. Died on 21.april 1509. He succeeded to the throne of England when he as 18 years old.
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