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We can´t imagine our live without newspaper, radio and television. We have got used to media so much that if they suddenly disappeared, most of us would get bored and our lives would seem empty.

The media´s importance is rather simple: they are our source of information, easily available, complex and cheap. Through newspaper, radio and television we learn about the world around us, important inventions, new Technologies and unique achievements.

People like to read newspapers, journals and magazines. We can find different sorts of articles in a newspaper: on economics, politics or social life, sports, editorials, features. Newspapers are published every day, some are even published at weekends.

Basically, there are two types of newspapers:
serious papers and the tabloids. Magazines are published once a week or month and bring international and national news, various articles and stories. People who dont like reading the newspaper or think it is too expensive to buy a newspaper every day and then throw it away, listen to the radio to be informed.

There is usually a variety of radio programmes to choose from: news programmes and weather forecasts, chat shows, programme in which famous people talk about themselves and answer listeners, educational programmes, quiz shows in which individual or teams of people compete by answering questions, breakfast or morning shows, phone-in programmes and finally documentaries. Radio is very popular and many of us like to listening to the radio throught the day no mater what we are doing, like cooking dinner, painting a room and working in the garden.

Television is definitely the most popular source of information for people at present and many people spend most of their leisure time watching tv programmes. For example: news programmes, chat or quiz show, documentaries, educational programmes...There are also programmes like soap operas, sitcoms and of course lots of films and cartoons.
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