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People have always liked books. Even before the printing press was invented and most people were illiterate, they loved looking at manuscripts. Each year, millions of books are written, sold, read and even present as gifts on occasions such as birthdays and Christmas.

Books accompany people everywhere: we read them while travelling to school or work, waiting for a consultation with our GP, during breaks at school, on holiday. We just can´t imagine our lives without books. There are books that give a chance to learn about the world around you. Other books give a lot of information and advice. And of course, there are those intertaining books which are amusing to read because they´re about other people´s experiences.

Literature can be divided into 2 categories: non-fiction books and fiction books. Non-fiction books are usually for infomation. There are textbooks, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, biographies, autobiographies and memoirs, self-help books, travel/history/art books and, finally, cookery books.
Fiction is about imaginary people or events.

There are two types of fiction books: poetry and prose. People who are keen on poetry can read poems by famous poets in books of poetry. Those who prefer prose can choose to read tales, short stories, novellas, romances, crime/spy novels, mysteries, science fiction, westerns, thrillers or historical novels.

People whose hobby is reading can buy books in a bookschop or borow books from a library. Libraries store books, magazines and newspapers and you may be sure you´ll be able to find almost any book you need there. If you want to borrow books from a library, you should get a library card.
Reading is a great hobby, which gives people the opportunity to learn something new and improve their communication skills.
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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