Christmas in our family

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Christmas holidays are the most beautiful days in the year. Christmas like all people over all the world.

Christmas in our family begins to light the first candle of advent wreath. Every Sunday then we light next candle and when light four candles, Christmas are here. In our family we do and decorate the Christmas tree day ago the Christmas Eve. On the Christmas Eve we have a fast and we don't eat meat. Before dinner we usually go to cementary to light some candles for our lates. After that we have a dinner. The first is usually pea soup and then mushroom soup and then we eat fish with potato salad. After dinner we go to Christmas tree to unpack presents. It's very happy moment, because we get some presents. On the Christmas Eve evening we atend midnight mass. Another day, on the Christmas Day is my family at home and we usually watch Christmas story. Another important day in Christmas period is Silvester, when we wait at midnight coming the Ney year. Christmas holiday in our family end on holiday Three kings.

Christmas are nice holidays, when meets family after such a long time. Christmas after years don't lost its spell.
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