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music styles: classical, popular, jazz, concert, rock, country, R&B, trance, house, hip hop, dance, techno
music production: in a band: songwriter, singer, bass guitar, vocals, drums… - to write lyrics, compose music, compose more songs, find out names for them, to record it in studio, design CD cover, sales promotion, soundtracks into radios, by success recording of a clip – video for the songs for TVs. Modern electro music styles: composing based on computer programmes and dj mixing desk – mixing of sounds and their connecting together, important is good melody, sound.

Music to public: music bands present their songs and after recording we can buy it on CDs, to watch clips on internet, on their web sites, TV channels and TV programmes. They often go on tours to many towns not only in the homeland, people love their music and they become famous, pop stars. Concerts are good way how to meet them personally – experience, take photo, talk with them, f. ex. Robbie Williams uses to sing a song together with anybody from the audience. There are also festivals very popular – Bažant pohoda, Hodokvas – many singers, bands together – U just choose what U like mostly. Among young people is popular trance and techno music – U can take part on high amount of parties, to dance on your favourite songs played by DJ live, to take photo with him if U have fotopass or VIP ticket or even talk with him. Music, sound possibilities, light system like stroboscopes, lasers, scene decoration, party people – all this makes wonderful experience for you. But it is, unfortunately often connected also with drugs. And classical music U can listen to live on concerts of f- ex- Slovak philharmonics.

Play music instrument: guitar, piano, drums, violin (husle), - training, hobby
Music & dancing: parties, dancing school, discos, concerts, balls; movement – fitness, training, relaxing…
Me & music: trance – many songs in computer, listen to music almost all the time, parties (SVK, CZ, plans to future)
Literature genres: poetry, epic, drama – science fiction stories, novel, short story, detective story, autobiography, ballad, legends, epos, novel, novelette, …
Reading: fantasy by reading, learning new words – vocabulary, foreign languages book – getting better in f. language, getting new knowledge for literature at school, for fun, hobby, …
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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