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SPORT: physical activities that people do for exercise to keep fit or because they enjoy them. Individual does a sport, collective plays a sport
kinds of sport: cheap – expensive (demand on money), individual – played in pair – team – mass sports (swimming, riding of a bike, jogging), summer – winter – all year sports, providing in nature open air (outdoor) – (indoor) in places like gym, fitness centre, swimming pool, women – men (american football, rugby, formula) – both sexes, played in water – air – on land, need of ball – some tools – nothing….

Extreme sports: adrenaline – bungee jumping, ski alpinism, rock climbing, sky-surfing
Me & sport: jogging, swimming, biking, at primary school basketball, volleyball, snooker (if is sport), hate football, love ice hockey, trekking – hiking (tours), sport at home – at school (possibilities for sport at our school)
Important competitions: World championship in ice hockey, European championship in football, Grand Prix – car races, Davis cup – tennis, Formula 1, Olympic Games (5 rings – continents, Olympic flame, each 4 years), Para Olympic games (disabled people)
Sport behaviour: sportsmen have to behave according to rules, if no – punishment – no play, yellow, red card, money controlled by referee
Sport & TV: all these games in TV, Eurosport – preferring TV / live sport games, races, competition. Local competitions
Sport fans: visit each competition of their team, applaud, cheer, shout, boo. TT fans, British hooligans, rowdies
Best sportsmen: SVK, world, sport legends
Sport clothes: trainers, comfortable T-Shirt, top, trousers… Sport fans – sporting costumes (hockey, flags…)

Importance of sport: movement, fresh air, relaxing from school and work, duties, ability to give better performance, holding VÝDRŽ, good for health, sport as therapy helps after injury, hurts ÚRAZ, it is entertainment, way how to spend time, find friends, not to be bored, bodybuilding, staying slim, way how to loose weight, improving of our immunity system and concentration, becoming self-confident SEBAVEDOMÝ, learn to overcome barriers and game losses

Reasons why do not sport: no interest in sport, no time, too much work, duties, being lazy, bad health condition, bad conditions to do sport in place where we live.

Negative features: sport is for health and entertainment, but sometimes it can also have negative impact on people: sportsmen risk wrick PRESILENIE of organism, can cause health problems, no time for family (trainings, races away from home), fame (loosing of privacy, interest of mass media, too much fame – change in their behaviour), money (too much money can change character of sportsmen), doping (better results to give – trying to take doping, it harms ŠKODÍ to our health or is even dangerous, prohibited – doping controlling – punishment (drugs, anabolics, steroids)
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