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HEALT SERVICE zdravotníctvo: all institutes in country taking care of peoples´ health – Ministry of health, local hospitals and doctors, dentists… Important is not only to heal but also prediction of illnesses and diseases.
HEALTH: physical and psychical statement of organism, when we feel healthy and well. To be healthy is the most important thing and has great value. But people suffer on many kinds of diseases, illnesses and sicknesses.

MEDICINE: this word has 2 concepts: a drug to heal us or a science concerned (zodpovedný za) with sickness and health
DOCTOR: person who has been trained in medical science, specialists – dentist, vet (veterinár), paediatrist, surgeon, ortopeadist, psychiatrist, analyst, dermatologist, ear and throat specialist, nurse
In SVK we pay just some special health care and we have private and state doctors, f. ex. In CH dentist are very expensive and for one filling (plomba) U pay about 20 000 Sk even more. In UK registered local doctors are known as general practitioners – GPs who belongs under NHS – National health system, but there are also many private family doctors.
HEALTH medical CARE: provided for citizens from birth to death. Each is looked after even before birth by prenatal care. Soon after birth each child is vaccinated against illnesses as tuberculosis, tetanus, whooping cough, polio, smallpox. Due to vaccination these illnesses disappear. Each school child has to leave to undergo their pupils preventive medical and dental check ups.
KINDS OF ILLNESSES: mortal, fatal - smrteľný
Children illnesses: pox (kiahne), measles (osýpky), rubeola
Infective illnesses: mumps, scarlet fever (šarlach), jaundice/yellow (žltačka)
Civilisation illnesses: hearth-attack (infarct), obesity, diabetes, headache, allergy, cancer, AIDS, problems with sleep, rheumy…
Some more:…pneumonia (zápal pľúc), flu (chrípka), angina, toothache, to have a cold (nádcha), fever (horúčka), diarrhoea (hnačka), polio (obrna), blister (pľuzgier), fracture (zlomenina), tetanus, whooping cough (čierny kašeľ), bronchitis (zápal priedušiek), typhoid (týfus), plague (mor), cholera, insomnia, anaemia, leukaemia, varicose veins (kŕčové žily), stroke (porážka)…
PROCESS OF ILLNESS: when we fell sick we take vitamins, drink tea, stay in bed, are keeping in warm, eat a lot of fruit or some medicine. If it doesn’t help we go do the doctor, its better to have appointment to overcome waiting in overcrowded waiting rooms. Then the nurse says „Next please“ and invites us into the consulting room. The nurse takes our insurance card and looks for our case-history, the doctor asks us some questions, examines us (takes temperature, checks blood pressure…), says the diagnosis and therapy and after that we receive prescription. We go to chemists and then we go home to heal. We have to inform our classroom teacher or employee about our statement that we are not able to come to school/work.  Most often we suffer from a common infection such as flu, tonsillitis, bronchitis or pneumonia. At the chemist’s we get antibiotics, vitamins, pain relievers and gargle. In more serious cases or if we get injured we can call the doctor to our home. Sometimes we may be taken to hospital by an ambulance. For special accidents a helicopter may be called up. Sometimes it is necessary to give first aid such as mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, to stop bleeding or fix fractures. In the hospital the injured people are examined and X-rayed at a casualty ward (emergency room). Serious cases are immediately operated on in the operating room. Before the operation the patient must pass several tests and then just before the operation he is anaesthetised by means of an injection or inhalation of narcotic. After the operation a scar often remains. The patient is sometimes sent to a health resort or a spa for rehabilitation. There he undergoes water treatment, takes, baths, massages, remedial exercises and drinks the waters.

REASONS OF ILNESS: lack of movement, vitamins, sleep, bad eating habits, too much stress, polluted environment, overwork
MEDICINE: classical (offers treatment with painkillers, it fight against illness with drugs and surgery) and alternative (new way of healing diseases – acupuncture - needles, acupressure - press, aromatherapy – aromatic oils, hippotherapy – horses, esotericism – special rituals to stay clean, yoga – dividing of body and soul to bring harmony of both, important correct breathing, salt caves, reiki relaxations, bioptrone lamps, kryotherapy – in very cold rooms... It looks at the whole person, not just the illness)
OVERCOMING OF DISEASES: depends on our character, financial situation, era when we live.

Healthy lifestyle: enough sleep, movement (sport), not only TV and PC, fresh air, healthy food (vitamins, fruits, vegetable, milk, less sweets and oil foods, poultry, fish, dark bread, musli, raw veg. & fruit) enough water, no drugs, cigarettes, little coffee and alcohol, good hygiene, do not leave us to stress,
HEALTH IN PAST, NOWADAYS: in present higher living standard, specialists in hospitals, new technologies, medicine, new kinds of diseases. Science influenced medicine – new technologies, drugs, but also causes health defects – (TV, PC, MP3, phones)
HEDERITY dedičnosť and HEALTH, ORGAN DONATION: darovanie orgánov
RED CROSS: international health organisation, founded in 1863 by Henri Dűnant in Switzerland, residence in Geneve, establis-hed after Dunant experience in Solferino battle.
HUMAN BODY: human is built of body and soul. Body parts are head, neck, trunk (trup), hands, legs, bones, muscles and intestines – organs.
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