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Travelling is very popular. People can travel on their holidays or they want to see the most beautiful sights of world’s famous metropolis and places, meet new people and friends, visit family, learn foreign languages, earn money, to study, for fun, eat something unusual and see the way of life in various countries. Some people travel on business, for political or cultural reasons, scientific purposes, elderly people to visit monuments and sights. Holiday is often connected with summer, children have holiday from school, it is nice sunny warm weather.

PAST: on foot, horse – difficult, small distances, bad roads, no maps, boats – USA months
NOW: many possibilities – car, bus, plane, boat… quickly and quite cheap
FUTURE: more tunnels, motorways – better infrastructure, agro tourism, eco tourism, later maybe travel to orbit, moon
PREPARING TO TRAVEL: find out where to go, how to get there, what to do and see there. To arrange and book travel tickets, accommodation, insurance, maybe also vaccinating, take a holiday at work, to pack baggage, have visa, passport, enough money.
PRIVATE TRAVELLING: adventure, interesting to travel alone, new contacts, travel where how I want, no spending of time with group, dangerous, less fun like with group.
GROUP TRAVELLING: with friends or travel agents, happier with more people, helping each other by problems, more fun, tolerance and understanding with other people.
TRAVEL AGENT: used a lot, does everything – enough info, no sorrows (starosti) necessary, booked journey, accommodation, catering, insurance, programme – everything arranged for us, we just decide for certain holiday, fill some forms, give signature and pay and then we can travel = package holiday
DISADVANTAGES OF TRAVELLING: dangerous, bad people, get lost, murdered, stolen money, passport, expensive
Car: driving licence necessary, pay attention on traffic, rules, no alcohol, traffic jams, car accidents, fuel necessary, to find free car park, U can take car wherever and when U need, no accommodation – in the last case sleep in a car
Bus, coach, train: tickets necessary, cheaper than to travel by car, if more people use them – less polluted environment, trains with sleeper car (spací vozeň)
Bike: no costs and driving fuel necessary, movement good for our health, only for small distances, no space for luggage, impractical by bad weather
Tube: bad air, many people, dangerous, only in big cities, many thieves, terrorist attacks, heat in summer, quickly on place U need, no traffic jams
Plane: comfortable, quickly by longer destinations, possibilities – food, drinks, sleep, music…, feeling sick, terrorist attacks, passport and security check, restrictions (measurement, weigh and amount of luggage, no knifes, sharp tools, liquids, fear of flight
Boat: no smog, calm, holiday cruises, hotels on likes and sees with discos, swimming pools, restaurants…, feeling sick, only where big rivers or sees are, quite expensive tickets.
Taxi – UK famous black cabs, helicopters, balloons, ferry,
Hitchhiking – stopovanie
Souvenirs from holiday countries

at homeland: not so long journey, no necessarily of foreign language, U don’t need any visas, passport, no big differences in culture, habits, why to travel abroad if U don’t know Ur own country well, we have also nice lakes, mountains
in abroad: some people travel to get better in foreign languages, reach new recipes,… abroad is often considered to have a higher standard of tourism, services, but no everywhere – be careful, better to book hotel of higher standard (**** stars).
ME & TRAVELLING: attractive country and why, my best holiday, my most beautiful holiday.
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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