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JOBS: physical, psychical, with higher education, apprentice absolvents, big responsibility, part time – long time, people working from Monday to Friday, also on holidays, weekends, working at night, early morning… cook, waiter, accountant, sales assistant, bricklayer, driver, taxi, nurse, doctor, teacher, interpreter-translator, clerk, secretary, lawyer, priest, vet, librarian, police officer, scientist, hairdresser, mechanic, carpenter, tailor, fireman, farmer, adviser, administrator, journalist, actor, moderator, model, pilot, engineer, architect, steward, photographer, designer. For some is study necessary, for others talent and determination (artists), imagination, creativity (designers)…

UNEMPLOYMENT: unemployment benefits, high rate of unemployed in SVK, bad situation in country, new requirements – managers, IT specialists, foreign languages… people with age of 50 have problems to find a job, employers want employees round 30-40 years, unemployed members in family – lack of money, difficulties. Young people also problems – requirements people with experience.

JOB APPLICATION, covering letter, CV: personal information (name, address, date and place of birth, nationality, contact), work experience (dates, position, employer, main activities), educational and training (schools, trainings, awarded qualification, certificates), skills (personal – foreign languages, social – team spirit, communication skills, leadership, sense of organisation, computer skills, other skills, driving licence, hobbies)

JOB OFFER, LABOUR MARKET: labour market is not so wide, many people apply for one position, to be successful – correct CV, enough experience, knowledge, good job interview. How to find job: look for on internet, labour agencies and offices, read articles and newspapers, go to ask directly to the business. 

JOB INTERVIEW: first impression! well-dressed, decent make-up, hairstyle, communication (literary language), good manners, behaviour, to arrive on time
Labour time, free time, study: labour time depends on job, overtimes (better paid), shift-work, be on flexi-time, regular day work nine-to-five, freelance (journalist)
BRIGADES, PRAXIS: for students, some money, experience, new countries, and languages. From 16, 18 abroad.
MOTIVATION: important to like job, motivation of employee, good atmosphere between employees, good salary…
SALARY: we are paid for our work – weekly, monthly, brutto pay – taxes, insurance = netto for us, many things to pay
JOB RULES: if are broken (alcohol, no arrive to work, stealing, bad behaviour…) punishment or be fired, laid off, U can be also made redundant (nadbytočný), if U work well – promotion (povýšenie)
WORKOHOLICS: career, overworked RETIREMENT: pension
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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