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RELATIONS: the way people or groups feel about each other and behave towards each other. Can be formal, official (work, good morning, good bye), informal (calling by first names, hi, hello, see U, thanks), behaviour – polite (holding doors open for someone, taking end place in a queue) /impolite (to stare at someone, to speak with full mouth, keeping hand in a pocket. We distinguish race, diplomatic, business, public relationships. Relations can be good (get on well with them, be on good terms with) or bad (conflicts, arguments)

FRIENDSHIP: between people with the same hobbies, attitudes towards life, it can change in love, some people do not think between man and woman can be only friendship not more, maybe one of them suffers from real feelings.
LOVE: between man & woman: understand each other, respect also bad characteristic, dating, marriage, and children. But love is also among family members, love to nature, animals, music, to homeland… Love between man and woman was not the same all history. Woman was long time undervalued, in some countries still polygamy marriages. Marriages can end also by divorcing.

RELATIONS TO disabled (Para Olympic games, some are great scientists – Stephen Hawkin), people taking drugs, smoking, alcoholics, homeless people, minorities in country, there are charities to help these people, help to people who are analphabets (illiteracy). Judging among people who have much money, they put them forward (vyvyšujú sa), according to appearance
KEEPING CONTROL IN STATE: with law, break the law – punishment (pay, prison, or even capital punishment)
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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