Man and Nature

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HUMAN & NATURE – history: human depends all the time on nature, prehistoric times – life thanks nature (fruits, animals = food, fire, shelter), later farming, building of houses, domestication, population increase, more needs but no nature recreation, pesticides, fertilizers (umelé hnojivá)… = damaging of nature,
NATURE NOW: 21st century = the Earth in threat, many problems (deforestation, acid rain, ozone hole, greenhouse effect, weather changes, disappearance of animals and plants, consume lifestyle caused climatic changes – global warming, mineral sources almost spent, little space for waste dumps (skládky odpadov), disappearing of rain forests

WORLD PROBLEMS: earthquakes in Japan, Tsunami in India, Indonesia, Thailand, fires in Greece, droughts in Portugal and Spain, tornadoes and hurricanes in the USA, melting of icebergs in Antarctica, Slovakia – storm in High Tatras, damages trees…
POLLUTANTS: aerosols, fumes, cars – exhaust fumes (smog), toxic waste, pesticides, fertilizers, waste, sewage, greenhouse gases – by burning of fossil fuels (coal), cheimicals…

SOLUTION: start to revitalize immediately, to find out new ways of goods producing, solar and nuclear energy, wind-power stations (veterné elektrárne), government supporting of science researches, windmills, unleaded petrol, solar cars…
Supporting of environment protection: volunteer organisations – Greenpeace, Children of the Earth, concerts during the day of the Earth
WE & help: each of us can help, reduce using of fertilisers…, stop wasting of electricity and oil, separate garbage (glass, paper, metal), recycling, buy recycled good
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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