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SCIENCE: study of natural things, many branches: social sciences (psychology, philosophy, history, geography), live sciences (anatomy, biology, ecology, botany, medicine, zoology), physical sciences (physics, astronomy, optic, mechanics), research (bibliography, computer research).

HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT: pre-historic times = food, stones, clothes from fur, later wheel, water mills, windmills, printing press… and inventions of nowadays
IMPORTANT inventors: J. Watt (the steam engine), Edison (the electric light bulb), M. Faraday (the electric motor), Daimler & Benz (the first petrol driven car),  J. Gutenberg (printing press), Nobel (dynamite), Diesel (diesel motor), Volta (battery), Bell (phone), Pleischel (e-mail), Einstein (theory of relativity), Marie & P. Curie (Radium, Polonium), Rőntgen (X-rays), Fleming (penicillin)…
IMPORTANT INVENTIONS: wheel, electricity, phone, penicillin, X-rays, internet, mobile phone, radio waves, freezer, microwave oven, heating, car, aeroplane… + choose one = subjective reasons why is … the most important invention
SCIENTISTS: have to be honest, clever, no misuse – no like it was during WW2 – nuclear bomb Hiroshima & Nagasaki, responsibility, hardworking – Chernobyl nuclear power crash – many people died because of wrong management… Scientists should work on research of renewable sources, solar energy…

PEOPLE & MODERN INVENTIONS: inventions helped us, made life easier, but we are more lazy – TV, DVD, PC, internet, mobile phone, satellites… everything easier but we forget on natural things, movement, no time for our family… Pesticides und fertilisers to get more crops – pests (škodcovia) and weed (burina) more immune, chemicals in food, genetic modified foodstuff. New technologies -  hard work done by machines = people redundant und unemployed…
INTERNET: world is closer, fast communication, new learning system, Skype, Messenger…
MEDICINE: many inventions, new medicines, cure methods, exact operations thanks to microsurgery, !! genetic cloning – sheep Dolly, human clones prohibited
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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