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MASSMEDIA: modern instrument of communication, which mediates and broadcasts information, 3 general functions: to inform, teach and entertain us (we learn about the world around us, important inventions, new technologies, unique achievements) – press, radio broadcast, TV, film, theatre, internet

BOOKS: market full of books, big assortment – novels (criminal, adventurous, love, historical), encyclopaedia, autobiography, school books, poetry, fairy tales… available to buy in bookstore (quite expensive) and second-hand bookshop (cheap) or to borrow in library (registration fee for 1 year, big assortment of books to lend got s certain time), first book were handwritten, Johann Gutenberg invented book-printer.
NEWSPAPER: at newsagent’s counter the vast choice of newspapers of various size and format, GB – broadsheets (large sheet, quality, objective and serious news),
tabloids (smaller size, relatively poor, high number of features about stars, sports, celebrities, tent to be illustrated, gossips, headline sometimes bigger than article, SR – Nový čas,  GB – The sun, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Mail…),
many sections (leader, editorial, news reports, feature articles, international/domestic news, political commentaries, business news, cartoons, crosswords, sports reports, the letter page, classified adds, reviews, obituaries…)
MAGAZINES: published once a week/month, quarterly (štvrťročne), many of them are specialised (boulevard, historical, do-it-yourself, gastronomic, financial, about gardening, for women, mother, children, teenagers, TV programmes…)

RADIO: for people who do not like reading, think buying of a newspaper every day is expensive, listening to the radio at work, working at home, driving a car, good background during household works…), making good mood, music, entertainment & info (regularly news, sport, weather forecast, info about traffic…), many programmes during the day (news, chat shows, educational programmes, sport casts, quiz shows, morning shows, documentaries, phone-in programmes, music charts)…
TV: the most popular source of information, way of spending free time, programmes similar to radio programmes, but also soap operas, sitcoms, films, talk shows, sport, cartoons, series, serials, travelogues, plays, documentaries… Nowadays wide selection of regional, national and international TV channels, foreign language channels – interesting way how to learn foreign language
INTERNET: the most modern mass media, world wide web of computers, whole world connected, sending emails, playing games, reading articles, booking holiday, buying some goods…
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Cudzie jazyky » Angličtina

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